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Lake George Map


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you can not go by boat from lake kerr to the meeting spot at the salt springs landing!! by truck going north on 19 take the first dirt road to the right north of 314 and launch like a boat do not dry launch. the lake kerr lodge and the sportsmans lodge are on 314. cactus jacks (honky tonk) and shell crackers (dinner restuarant) are on 314.The square meal (breakfast restuarant) is on 19 on the north side of town.the lake labled lake kerr is little lake kerr, lake kerr is the one below it on 314 where the k is theres a cut that connects them you can run these lakes if you have a muffler


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Croc1, Rick,

Keeping me on the ball, (I'd already loaded gps coordinates for the trip).

Larry says that I'm always lost!!

See ya soon,



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I am loading the trip in the gps now will see you guys sat.Coming by myself and staying for the day.Will be there about 9:00am if i get lost I will nextel mood.WallyGator


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I'll make sure it's on Wally. Laura & I are shooting for heading up there before sunrise to arrive shortly after sunrise. That's the plan. I have to do that because I always run late. :oops:

ny nextel again is: