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Lake George


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Going to ride lake George in the morning. Going to set in at Travis and Geralds down from the glen. Going to play a little. Would like to play with Roho a little :) If any one wants to ride come on.
Sounds like fun Dan. I have a jug seperating and need to stay close to home till I can get it fixed. I have been working on one of my friends boats and may take it for a spin tomorrow. I hope y'all had fun at harney last weekend and look forward to riding with y'all soon.

Cont520, When are you planning on coming? It won't take long to change a cyl. I have just been helping out a friend of mine who works for me and just bought his first boat. So I haven't had time to mess with mine. SCAC is planning on having a ride on the 21st.

Dang Dave you just put that motor together. :shock: You must having a bad run of luck. I know what it was you were around me and my bad luck which I have alot of rubbed off on you some. :lol:
i almost finished today I still have to plum the oil lines and let jurnigan finish pluming my injection and I will be ready.I am gonna test run next weekend hopefully.