Lake Okechobee development


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Hey ya'll,

On our local Ft. Myers tv news last week was the story of a major sugarcane grower/processor. A major acerage sale has happened on the South end of Lake Okechobee around the Clewiston area. The sale was to a developer who will build a major housing development there. Yeah, it will bring economic growth to the area but I have to ask...

Is this the next "battleground" for airboating rights as our places to ride are shrinking more and more?

I sure hope not Basket.

I know that Cntry thinks that Okeechobee will remain one of the areas of least restriction in the future. I agree cause of the levee. It provide a barrier to development very close to the lake, and will hopfully prevent airboats generating complaints.
I think most problems from airboats on the lake will come from inconsiderate airboaters, anoying bass fisherman, or recreational boaters.

As we all know, a little consideration goes a long way.

Me and Ms Basketcase got to ride from Clewiston into the lake last Saturday for a couple of hours. Yeah Wilma made a mess of the lake, (hydrilla/hyacin everywhere pluggin things up). One camp we visited lost the roof, windows, etc).

Stopped in Clewiston and got our tree from the local band boosters there, (try and help the economy there a little in our owm way).

Cool Man,
I've been wondering if Slims has opened back up. I heard that the campground there got devistated by a twelve foot storm surge, destroying many of the campground residents homes, and belongings.

Anybody been over there lately?

I was there about 2 weeks ago, scouting before the opening of duck season. The place was still trashed. The main canal north of the bridge was totally clogged w/vegetation. Boat and trailers across the canal on the opposite levee. Boats and trailers on top of each other and in canals. Mostly open water, little remaining marsh - High Water. Very sad situation.