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Lake Okeechobee

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Wife and just took a two day trip around rhe lake. Seen two airboats on the water. One put in from bank at Okeechobee town the other put in at public ramp in South Bay. Looked to us like nothing but a lot of deep water. Are there any good areas to launch from bank and run skinny water? That lake is an interesting one, we noticed nobody can actually live on the lake because it is surrounded by a protective mote. Is that mote designed to keep the public from free access to the dike? Are there any amenities that cater to just airboaters? We left the area puzzled and agreed we most likely won't be dragging an airboat down there.
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The Mote was originally intended to keep Spring Hill and other Yankee transplants out of the lake, but sometimes they find the cross overs.

Damn I miss that stirring the shi$ pot emoji🦾

How do you make a levee? You make a canal and figure out what to do with the dirt🤔

If you ran out to the end of any given canal and went left or right you basically found lake. On the west side you gotta find the trails back to the inside of levee for the marsh with a big marsh in the SW end. The conditions vary greatly depending on lake level. Right now they are still draining Disney from last summer, where do the water go?🤫