lake rosalie

Rich - That is a GREAT idea!!!! FYI Dakota - Lake Rosalie is part of the Kissimmee chain - sort of located behind the state park and Thomas Landing. If not Lake Rosalie, then Lake Tiger? The road to Camp Mack is so long because you are driving around those two lakes.

Speaking with Danny Brantley at the Broward show last weekend, looking at the aerial photo map of the area, he showed me the way to get into lakes Tiger & Rosalie, and with the water low, the straight shot thru the marsh may be dry. The winding stream is an alternative, but with kicker boats using that narrow winding trail, a line of 20 airboats may not be the best idea.

But if there is any way we can airboat into one or both of those lakes, I'm all for it!!! Especially if there is restaurant chow waiting for us!

If this happens, and there IS a place to pull up and eat, Someone needs to make advance reservations. I heard about the fiasco that happened at Cypress camp with a sudden rush of customers appeared. If we called them and asked them to throw on a pot of spaghetti or something... that'd make it easier.

I believe it is called MARLISA COVE REST. the food is kinda pricey and the quality is fair the service may be better with most of the tourist gone but all in all it is passable and beats drivin your boat to town that is hard on the polymer LOL
yes its marlisa cove, pretty good food, can go through tiger lake and take tiger creek???? through to rosalie. this is a small creek and may be hard to run if water is down, alot of switchbacks, or if your barave enough take the canal into Kiss. state park jump the road runs right into Rosalie. Did that one time by mistake, I would'nt recommend this.