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Lake Seminole Poker Run Aug 3rd

If anybody with an airboat is interested in riding August 3rd there is a poker run going on that day. We had a lot of boats down there last year and probably 12-15 airboats. Hopefully we can have more airboats this year and run all the trails.


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What are the specifics? Meeting, sign-up, etc. I may be there if I can get my boat back running in time
Lake Seminole Poker Run Date Announcement!

August 3rd, 2019

Spring Creek Park and Resort (Big Jim’s), Lake Seminole Georgia

I expect lodging will book FAST.

Big Jims has the motel, the big trailer that sleeps a bunch someone splits every year, and a few little prefab trailer/cabins. There is a new campground called "fins and feathers campground" that is right by sealys- 5 minute truck ride or 10 minute boat ride. I don't know anything about it, I just hear it advertised on the radio. Looks like they have a couple of cabins/lodges they rent out. Trails end is 10-15 minutes by truck and probably 25 or so by boat. Wingates is nearly an hour by truck but only about 10-15 minutes by boat (it's straight across the lake). I'd look into Big Jims first as you can walk to the launch and leave your boat parked there and not have to drive anywhere. If you have a group of 4-6 you might look into that new campground at sealys. Seminole State Park also has campgrounds and cabins and is about 10 mins by truck or 15-20 by boat.

There are a lot of houses on the lake that rent out, you can check Air BNB, VRBO, or ask the folks at Big Jim’s if they know of any if they book up too fast.

Here are the details to where its being hosted at. What else would you like to know? the money is raised for Youth Waterfowl amd 100% of the money goes to Youth Water Fowl.
The ride usually starts at 10 am Saturday morning and it last for 3-4 hours. After the poker run most people hang out in the lake at the sand bar or go to the Blue hole and hang out. Dinner will be provided also and there will be raffles during the day at Big Jims. This is the 10th yr this ride has been put on and its a lot of fun with lots of boats. We have 124 boats last year with no problems or injuries. Everyone always help out and there are a lot of locals there that know the lake just incase something happens.