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leaking heads


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I have a new set of edelbrock aluminum heads, just installed them and they are seeping water on all four corners. Used thread sealer on the head bolts, ARP bolts torqued to 65 ftlbs. Small block chevy, edelbrock e-tec heads. Thanks
I know it sounds silly, but you didn't say.

Did you torque them in the right pattern?

Do you have the correct gaskets?

Are they the right heads for that block?

If all these are affirmative, then its going to get deep and over my head. New heads shouldm't need resurfacing so this is all I can offer.


65 ft lbs seem a little loose to me but I'm used to cast iron heads. If I remember correctly, cast iron heads torqued to 90 ft lbs? I know the torque requirement went up 15 ft lbs when I installed ARP head studs on my Cadillac.
I used edelbrock head gaskets, what they called out for, and I did torque them in the right pattern, and according to their installation instructions 65 ftlbs are correct. Just to be sure I called Edelbrock and asked them if those heads would work on my block and they said yes. Thanks for all the help.
Yes both heads are doing the same, I did make sure I was using ftlbs and not inchlbs. What do ya'll think the torque should be? Thanks