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Lift Wing ??????


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I've never seen one of these before. Looks like it would be a good solution for porpoising at higher speeds and would not drag like some trim tabs on dry ground.......am i correct? how well does it work?

I spoke to the guy at the Ocala run you are speaking of. I was impressed for the fact he had one of the few Ford powered boats I've seen, (460 from GTO boats).

He told me the wing came from a semi truck and did in fact stop all his porposing, (mounted on the front of the boat and adjustable as well). His boat was white in color as well, (setting in the direct sunlight the hull, deck, and seats were the coolest to touch than any boat I've seen)! From talkin' to him these things were "spierence" as this was about his 4 or 5th boat he'd owned!

Pretty cool stuff / technology here!

The wing and triple rudders came on a previous boat I had bought. These are the work of Paul Petit. Paul used to make P&R Specialty Nighthawk hulls until he sold the business. Take a look on the bottom side of your aluminim throttle pedal and chances are that it has "Petit Enterprises" stamped on it. I have been told the wing can take as much as 125lbs off the back of the boat at full throttle but I couldln't tell you if that is accurate or not. I have run with and without it on two different hulls and it does seem to help when running dry ground.
The wing is attached by metal plates on each side of the wing that are welded to the top rudder bar. The wing bolts to the metal plates and can be taken off by removing four bolts. It is non adjustable and does not flex with this set up. I suppose it could be made adjustable with a few modifications. I'll try to get some up close shots of the the side mounts and angle of attack for those interested.
A guy out here had put one of the lift wings on his boat to try to make it run dry better. It was a hydraulic wing adjustable like a trim tab. My dad made the handle for his steering stick with a joystick type toggle switch in the handle so he could adjust it while running. He ended up taking it off because he said it really didn't make any difference in how his boat ran in the water or on land. It was a pretty cool setup though with the trim button in the middle of a half stainless and half brass handle all posished up and shinny. Took me a while to convice my dad to make me one of those pretty handles.
I had one on my old Gileo hull, I ran with it on and off and tried it at different positions, I never noticed it had an impact on anything. I do have some friends who run them and they claim it really helped their performance, but for me it didnt do anything.
It is foam filled aluminum just like the rudders. I believe it was custom made along with the rudders from P&R Specialty.
if you get airboat world magazine with the Nebraska Airboat Rodeo, there was a picture of the boat in it. It was the dark maroon flat bottom boat with the chrome belt cover on the motor. It is a sweet boat. All metal is polished ss or aluminum, it has plush leather seats, It's a boat where the seats are inside the boat and the driver sits up-front and steers the stick left and right instead of forward and back. His was the first boat to have polymere here in Nebraska. The poly is the bottom of his boat, it was made with fiberglass strands sticking out of it and he just glassed it to the bottom of the boat. That boat is probably pushing 3000 pounds and runs the ground like its on snow. Got a stroked caddy with a belt box and 2 wood props. A few of the pictures in the article are acually my pictures but I got no props for them. Oh well, maybe next time :p . Just wanted to brag about someone elses boat.
nebraskaairboater":25kxmhom said:
The poly is the bottom of his boat, it was made with fiberglass strands sticking out of it and he just glassed it to the bottom of the boat.


I actually had this idea, but thought of an aluminum "airframe" with sheet alum sides and the poly rivited to the frame and sides with marine sealer at the joints.

Seems like it would be easier to get rocker bottom with this technique than using aluminum, as aluminum doesn't like to stretch
Dwarf, somebody out there has to make an adhesive that would glue Polymer to a hull. Anything but punching a bunch of holes in the bottom of a brand new boat!!

The key might be to find a solvent that will etch (soften) the surface of a sheet of polymer, and then, with the hull already coated with adhesive, lay it on. Keep thinkin' about this .... it can be done. We just haven't come across it yet.