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Looking for A/C Mechanic (Cocoa/Melbourne)


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Looking for a good A/C mechanic in the Cocoa/Melbourne area. Need someone who has good rep and can do mag trouble shooting, carb issues, etc.. I normally take my boat to Jr. as he built the motor and I have nothing but great things to say but he is an hour and a half away. Thanks for the help.
Try Rhodes Airboat Service in West Melbourne on City Tropics Ave. wright off I 95 at 192 just east of Sams Club. His Phone# is 321-984-1767. He dose any work I need done to my 0540, and works almost predominately on A/C motors.
cfth its not cocoa/melb. but dave bartose in st.cloud is close and dave does good work ya might give him a shout and see if he can help
I would love to find a good AC mechanic in the Cocoa area. Somebody that is jam up and organized.
An hour and a half is worth it if Jr. does good work, which he does. But I will say I have heard at least one bad thing about every aircraft motor builder around, well most of them. But sometimes its just simple mistakes that will runin your repretation! But Gary Barber, is building me an I0-540 right now, and he will be doing anything I ever need done from now on, but JC Stanley is also good, so is Dave, and I hear that the best is Wally Moore in Orlando! You have a few people to choose from!