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Looking for data about how many airboats in America.


Are there any sources regarding how many airboats operating in America? I asked the coast guard but they don't have any numbers for just airboats.
Is there any data collection business that has the numbers? I'm doing research about how many airboats are in the world and the USA is definitely the leader but I can't find any concrete sources or numbers. Any help would be appreciated.
I have 2 and Steve Reid has 1. :stirpot:

Seriously though, I kinda doubt if there is any centralized source for that kind of information due to the fact that all boats are registered in the state where the owner lives. One possible source for Florida may be the Dept. of Motor Vehicles or the Fla. Fish and game Commission but I wouldn't hold my breath.

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yzakjuru said:
I live in Seattle and I am a helicopter pilot who one day dreams of owning an airboat in Florida or Louisiana (especially Louisiana). I am an experimental enthusiast when it comes to aircraft and I recently learned that homebuilding is also prominent in the airboat industry. I am interested in airboats that can be used for work but also recreation. I'd like to get my feet wet and one day visit the South and take a look myself and see what the unique differences are and which companies are generally lauded as the best. I hope you can point me in the right direction and help me with my research. Thanks again!
You can check with the State Governments DNR office they normally keep up with that but I would say in the state of Florida there is probably at least 1000 Airboats registered and in Georgia probably a few hundred I would say there are Airboats in probably half the states in the union
The last count on registered airboats in Nebraska was a few years ago and I was told at that time there was about 800.
Miami New Times says 12,164 registered in FL in 2017.

"Though an impressive 12,164 airboats, 1,025 of which are commercial, are registered in Florida, the industry is virtually unregulated. "