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Looking For Headligts


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I was wondering if anybody out there was building headlights. Also looking for the Ultralight website does anyone have it.
Call me. Grayson and I'll hook you up

JMO (just my opinion)
here's the liknk for Jeff's headlights

He's been building his lights for a long time, and many folks use them with satisfaction.

Here one for the ones I build.


Check it out.
Naw Rich,
It's just a short bat toggle to swith the light off.

I'm gonna check around for a small compact dimmer that I can mount on the lights. Probably an auotmotive electric heater control.

Something 12v, small and light. One of these days I'll get around to it.
It's not all that important to me, cause I'm not really in the froglight biz. I just build them if somebody wants one.

Some say my lights will cook the frogs before I can gig them, but I like a bright light when I'm in the woods at night. The frogs usually hang steady for my gig under this light.
With a dimmer, I can have the best of both worlds.

I have a different bulb I use now. It's just as strong, but a whole bunch lighter.

The headlight still looks about the same.
I had looked at several dimming methods for a headlight... the simplest I have found is to use two 6 volt batteries... wire the connections to your headlamp switch to configure for a series connection (12v) or a single battery (6v).... the brightness would not be 1/2 as expected, but closer to 1/4 when using the 6 volt source.
Check the junk yards for a ceramic dimmer control out of a headlight switch in older American made cars n trucks. You can go from a glimmer to a laser. I use a 6 volt motorcycle headlight bulb and set it for my normal running if I need that blue streak I can light it up and the only limitation on the bright end is the point where the bulb becomes a flash bulb. Did I mention I keep a pack of spare bulbs. Nothing unusual to go through 3-4 in a night of frogging but they are cheep.