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Lost another good one


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Lacy Everett passed away yesterday morning. He was one tough rugged ole man. Worked from dark to dark, Seven days a week right up till the day he dies. He was 84 years old and had truly “ been there and done that”. He was a hard ass with a soft spot. I loved hanging out at his shop listening to old stories, and he had a lot of them. He took more knowledge with him than most will ever know. I’m going to miss the ole grouchy son of a gun, say a prayer for his family
I'm sorry to hear that, never met the man, heard the name many times. Thanks for the brief obituary Smokster.

I’m going to miss the ole grouchy son of a gun, say a prayer for his family

I remain hopeful the word "Curmudgeon" comes up at least once during my future wake, unfortunately the two folks I expect to be there don't talk much.
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Does anyone know who is handling his affairs? My boat is sitting in his shop and I have a receipt for a paid o-470 that he was going to put in for me this month. Shame to hear he passed.
I was told there would be a service at the cemetery down the road there at 10am on Saturday followed by a meeting at the shop. Can anyone confirm the funeral is 8/27 and not today?
My condolences to the family and friends Smokey. These PIONEERS that did so...much to shape our recreation are the backbone of us all.
So...sad to see another one go.