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We need to call Bill Graff at So Fl Water Management. The flyer says he wants to hear from anyone concerned about the low water levels. We need to flood his office with the complaints of very low water levels from Cypress to Kissimmee. His number is 407-858-6100 x3837. That will be my first call tomorrow morning. Toho is at least 3 feet higher than Kissimmee.
Everyone please make this call!


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This is the response I got from E-Mail

* Good morning,
* Mr. Wilson,
* The Kissimmee Chain of Lakes is a rain-driven system. Rainfall has been below normal since August, creating the situation that we have now.
* The five-gated structure at  State Road 60 -- S65 -- does allow a base flow to the river as long as Lake Kissimmee is above 48.5 feet above man sea level. Today Lake Kissimmee is at about 49.4 feet above mean sea level, so about 1800 gallons a second is flowing to the Kissimmee River. Rivers flow, their ecology requires flow. So the S65 is operated in way to mimic what occurred naturally before the structure was there -- when the lake is high, the flow is high, when the lake is low, the flow is low. And when we're in an extreme drought, the flow may be stopped.
* I realize that lake levels are low. But, unfortunately that condition will continue until we receive the rainfall necessary to bring up the lake levels.
* We have received a number of calls from concerned residents. Those concerns have been elevated to District leadership.
* Thank you
* I hope this helps.
* William Graf
* Regional Representative
* South Florida Water Management District
* Orlando Service Center
* 1707 Orlando Centreal Parkway, Suite 200
* Orlando, FL 32809
* 407) 858-6100, Ext 3837
* 352) 516-5436 -- Cell


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Called him today and basically got the same answer.. he never really could give an answer on why the water is 5 feet higher on Toho.


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It should would be nice to have a flooded marsh the whole year. You know, for us car motor guys :cheers: :stirpot: