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LS Motors.

Thinking about buying an
airboat with an LS motor was wondering if anybody had any experience whether or not the electronics are a problem in salt water. Thanks in advance

One Eyed Gator

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I have been running holley efi for 3 years with no issue. Ran MSD with a carb for 7years before that without any issue.

Fish the gulf most of the time.

I will say that in both cases the electronics are mounted under my seat.


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Mefi for 8 years in Salt and fresh with zero trouble, mounted in box under the seat. I'd worry more about what the internals are made of in the motor


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Corrosion X is your friend. I spray the motor everywhere, keeping it off belts and off air filter. I even spray the exhaust, start the boat up and burn the oil off leaving a film maybe. The motor will stay oily. You can’t run dirt roads because sand will stick. When I get back I normally just rinse the engine with water wash the exhaust with Dawn and when dry the salt shows white on exhaust. I spray it down and it cleans it up. I only spray the engine as needed. If I ran dirt roads I use T-9 Boeshield which dries a little. I am trying this on a new engine. I still spray Corrosion X on cables and such. Your engine will get a honey color after a while but I would rather that than weathered.


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Running GTO LS motor here in Eastpoint, Fl. No real issues...rinse it off occasionally. Headers and exhaust tend to have surface rust. Spray it down with Sta Bil Rust stopper. Use a lot of plastic UV protector on plastic covers.

Rick McC.

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I have two friends who’re running LS motors in their airboats, and my son is having a new one built with an LS motor.
They seem to run real good.