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We run a Toyota Tundra with the factory aluminum rims.

Had a flat recently and the factory supplied wrench was to tight. Obtained a 4 way and the lugs did not properly fit any of the socket heads.

Got with a buddy who is a tech at Toyota and he said that the lug nuts are known to swell and that the proper socket size is a 22mm when they are new. He says after 2-3 years and impact use they will no longer accept a 22mm and require a special socket a 22.5 mm to properly fit the nut. A 23mm will work but it has a little slop.


This cost me 1/2 a day and a long walk so just sharing as it may effect other vehicles beyond just Toyota such as Dodge RAM.
Likely the chrome sheetmetal caps getting distorted, I'd buy some aftermarket locking style nuts and not have to worry about it again.
Dorman makes a excellent true chrome lug nut that was what I went with. Fenner what a bunch of shizt to deal with brother. When you think you got things covered and find out you don't!