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Lycoming 0290 help

:fishing just bought a little boat with a 0290 lycoming and would like to find some more HP if possible boats runs great just always want more any advice would be appreciated
Everyone wants a little more HP. Best way to get it is a bigger motor. Different prop might be in order too.
Probably easier to try to and get a lighter hull and rigging. Otherwise you can have the case machined for bigger jugs and crank. And theres lots of other things that make a good airboat run right, the right prop, right thrust angle, what bottom is on it and if the bottom is true,maybe a Jack or 2, tune the carb, maybe put longer tubes on the exhaust, I know my 320 runs much better with the tubes on. What bottom do you run?
Running gator glide and I dont have a problem running ground or getting around just looking at getting alittle more out of it I heard I can put a better carb on it and I already have tubes all the way down to the hull I just cant find a carb not really familiar with the aircraft motors
the 290...125hp stock uses an MA-3SPA carb ….I believe the biggest engine to use that carb is the C-145 Continental but I don't see a lot of improvement in performance with just a carb change....jmo