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Lycoming 180 vs. GPU 220


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If tested on the same boat, same amount of water, etc.., which one will come out of the hole faster. I have never been on a lycoming 180 boat, just been on a 220, and really I am just curious. Thanks yall.

BTW: I smiled a little today b/c my mailbox was full of 4 back issues of Airboat World. Way to go Angie!!!!
Stock-vs-stock engines...one-eighty. Horsepower to weight ratio, a 180hp 0-360 Lyc will out perform a stock Continental g.p.u. with the same
boat combo.

180's are strong motors for four cylinders.
I think it would be a great match up! If You were to run a 180 lyc. and a 220 cont. on the size hull, same everything it would be a great show!! I know many people don't believe in the ol' ground pounders, but I have seen many that would eat the 180's. All in how the boat is setup in my opinion.
If both motors were on a hull built for a 180 the 180 would win if both hulls were built for a 220 a 220 might win but if both hulls were made for the motor on them the 180 would win. 180 Lycomings are a great power to weight ratio motor and I have seen a ton of bad @$$ 180's. Only seen a handfull of 220's that shocked me.
If tried on the same boat with everything matched as eqaully as possible a 180 lycoming will out perform a 220, I don't have an exact reason why but seen it first hand, my friend has had several motors on his rig with only changing the motorstand to accomadate the different motor, and his 180(stock) made his 220 (stock) look sick.
I had A 170 Lycoming and went to 220 GPU and will not go back with any four banger it's six or better for me. With the 170HP I burned more gas in one spot. I can go lot more places now like were Man has never been before. :D Move up not down
Thanks for all the input. I have never been on a lycoming 180, just auto boats, and gpu boats. Anyway, that little mouse in my head keeps turning and its telling me to go with a lycoming 200 on my Palm Beach.

Would this motor carry 3 people on my hull? More worried about planing out in deep water. Two in the back, one up front. I can carry 3 now on my 4 cylinder GPU, but you have to run it around 2400 RPM on plane, and its hard to get it to plane in deep water.

Thanks, Brent

Have a chat with Cowboy about a 200 on a PB hull. Sheck out his gallery photos too. Its a damn near perfect combination for grass running down where he is.

I had a 200 lyc helicopter motor on a 12ft charlie jones aluminum hull that would by far out do a stock 220 gpu and most stock 540 300 hp on the same hull. That boat would run dry with 500# of gear and 3 220# guys a mile in the 97 degree high noon with no water in site. Still have the boat for a back up or might sell it for the right price just been rebuilt.


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