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Mag life


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Whats the first thing to look for when you lose fire, other than to make sure its not grounded. Also can you put on an old harness and check for spark by turning it by hand?
Yes, you can check it by hand. It's best to have someone else touch the P-lead as you flip it past the impulse. If they don't hit you then you don't have spark. If they jump, you do. Seriously Grant is right that the first place to look is the points. Lots of folks on the sight have equipment to fully test it. I would have it rebuilt no matter what. It doesn't cost that much compared to the problems they cause.

Speed Wheelie, Mike Thurman, Gary Barber, P2 and others have the equipment to fix the thing. Let us know what you find out,
I keep 2 spare mags in the ready both professionally rebuilt, The last one I replaced only lasted a few months. I would think not being a nuclear submarine, I might be able to investigate further as to the premature death.