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main bearings



i pulled a motor apart and it was fine just wanted to rering it and get my heads reworked well the main bearings looked good but looked to be in rong when the bearings are installed does the grove parts go on the same side or on opposite sides ????????? i thought i new but maybe not ????? 472 engine
In almost all engines I've built all the bearing tangs go on the same side/over eachother. On a Caddy they follow that as well. The only engine I've had confusing in that respect is the LS series Chevy. And as redneck as it sounds..If you have a good touch to your fingers you can pick up the high spot with your fingertips/fingernail. This comes in handy on some connecting rods and cam caps when someone not knowing what they're doing played engine builder and didn't mark anything before they pulled it apart.

"Didn't mark anything before they pulled it apart" !!

Man, ain't that the truth. I've seen guys try to rebuild a motor with all of the bearing caps in a bucket, and which-ever bearing cap came out of
that bucket next was the one that went on that rod. :lol:

An ol' marking pen can save a lot of grief.
Yeah, I remember when I built my first engine, I was 13 and it was a 350HP 327. I mixed em all up and had to have the local machine shop sort em out for me. My next engine about a year later was a 396 and I used a center punch with all kinds of dimples to number my stuff. Then I started using number stamps about 20 years ago, and about 15 years ago till now, the best thing I've ever used is an electric scribe. I don't like hammering on caps cuz I've seen cast main caps crack, and rod caps build high-spots in the bore from hitting them too hard with a hammer. And as much carb and brake cleaner I use, permanant marker or paint pens wash away...So a tip for whatever it's worth...Go buy a $15 electric scribe. It works on valves, pistons etc etc. and it even helps keep people from stealin yur tools!...JMO

Olf I used to take my center punch and mark em with dots on the cap and the block. Figured whoever got it next might appreciate that.

Scotty :lol: