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Main course food option

Daddy Dave

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OFTRL - (Our Fearless Trail Ride Leader) - BlackPowderScout and a few others have been tossing around an idea for Got Milk

What about us providing the main course - scrumptions cooked sweet sausages - for say $5.00 per person and that money going toward a SAO Members Fund? Covered dishes could fill out the menu.

The money could be used for Airboat legislative support, public service projects or otherwise. Just like a treasury fund for any other service group?
I'll pay $5 for some sausage. I won't eat much though. My doc says I need to watch the cholestrol. :roll:

I hope some of the money goes toward the person who shucked out dolars for the sausages in the first place. Right? You meant the overage (if any) goes to a fund. Right?

Count me in either way. Those things are good!

Big Daddy has the sausages but we need someone to have a fire/grill going and who is willing to warm up the pre-cooked sausages. We are going to be at the FAA meeting so we won't be able to do it. But if someone is planning on being out there in the afternoon and is willing to take on the role, we'd appreciate it!!!

We aren't making any profit off this as individuals...the money is going to go into a fund for offsetting the costs of future legal issues, charities, and public service stuff as Big Daddy Dave stated.

Depending on whether I go to the meeting with Chris or not, we are staying in the River House at Camp Mack Friday and Saturday night. Not sure if me and Dawn are going to the meeting with the men but if not we will be at the River House so maybe we can cook them or do whatever. But I am game with the $5.00
Five bucks is good with me. Ms. Cc is right...we could cook 'em up. We could heat them up and put them in foil in a styrofoam cooler. Should stay pretty warm.

I'm gonna try to make this run and bring a couple friends along, get up there Saturday morning and ride a little. I've only been up to the lake once and I know I can get to the bus. I don't mind getting there a little early to get the campfire going. As the date gets a little closer I'll see if I need to bring anything else (charcoal, firewood, camp grill, fire extinguisher, etc...)
Some of us who are going there during the day may be having a scavenger hunt for dry wood.

I can bring some oak pallet planks, a chainsaw or a bow saw. I'd rather just bungee the bow saw to the cage but if anyone says otherwise, I'll bring some of the others.

We'll need enough wood for a fire well into the night!

I'll sandblast off a scrap of expanded metal for grillin'

Someone else bring a shovel for the coals. By dinner time we ought to have some good grillin' coals. :)

Alright Mood and Airboat4fun...sounds like you have risen to the task. Thanks for the help!

Ladies....thanks for your help too!! But that's kinda cheating don't you think???? :D

I think Oct. 8th is the first day of Blackpowder in the central zone. Will anyone frown at a lucky kill. We can't get any fresher then that. :wink: