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Still not sure about north or south... Although it looks pretty solid for south.

I made a map anyway of the entire area - north and south. The file size is a little over 1MB so if you have a dialup connection, you may have to wait several minutes for the map to load. But on my DSL connection here at work, it loads in less than a minute.

I put on the map several things I got off of the St. Johns Water Management District's maps, and also information from Google Maps. I'm not sure how accurate the information is, don't rely on my map to save your life, but I think the info is mostly accurate. If there are any blantant changes, drop me a note and I'll fix it.

Here is the link to the map: ... %20map.jpg

And I have a few other links for ya...

The SJRWMD has some pretty good maps.
I think River Lakes is the north run: ... verlks.pdf

And Three Forks is the south run: ... reefrk.pdf

And for the campers amongst us, they even have a gallery page showing what each campsite looks like: ... index.html

Both Rick and CCH have sent me this map, the hunting map of the upper St. Johns. And while it has great info about the regulations (flag) and stuff, I can't get the map to load. Maybe you'll have better luck: ... 005-06.pdf

Once I see in black and white that we are going south out of Camp Holly, I'll make up another aerial photo based map that is zoomed in a little and hopefully will show some of the trails and stuff.

If you are going to print out the "whole area" map linked above, have a lot of paper and sizors and scotch tape ready. I think it'll end up 55 inches long. But go ahead and save the image to your disk, and see if you can print it at a higher rezolution. (computer screens only show 72 dots per inch (which is pretty low rez) and most printers can print at 300 dots per inch - meaning you'll still get the detail, but it'll fit on a smaller paper)

There you have it. Check it out and let me know.

cchardt, drop me a note when you have time and let me know (based on the big map) what area you want me to zoom in on. And remember, these maps are not to save a life, but they may help us have a lot of fun covering a lot of cool areas out there on the 27th! :)

Moodfood, thanks for finding all the links and creating the maps. Those pics of the campsites helped alot.

Does anyone know which of the campsites in the south are any good? I just want a place to park the boat and some dry ground to walk on not just a wooden platform. Do some have more room than others?
All the campsites are good, all have dry places and pretty much all have shade. Also there is also a pump at all of them to get water.
Thanks all. I'm glad you like the map. Aerial photos, even old ones are so good for maps because you can see the changes in vegetation and tree lines etc. I had fun putting that one together - it was over 60 tiles to pixel match together! Yeah. I'm weird. It was a fun relaxing project for me.

I'll get crankin' on the close-up of the southern area.

Laura & I went out of Loughman Lake Lodge today, We got to see Rick & crew and the Monster Boat! Man, that thing is impressive!!! But we put on a good newbie clown show for all the veterans and learned a few things in the process... Not tying the boat up and then having to swim out to get it an hour later is not that hard. Felt good on a hot day anyway! So much fun!!! The river is still out of it's banks, and that made for some real fun running!

matt. long as you learn and nobody gets hurt, mistakes aren't all that bad. I know I've made plenty and I'm sure I'll make more. All we can do is try not to do the same thing twice. :D

I just finished work on my boat today. I changed the oil and spark plugs, put a new slickbottom on, replaced all the hoses on my fuel intakes, and did some fiberglass work. All I've got to do is repack the bearings on my trailer and I'm DONE! :p

I got another map done.

This one is zoomed in a little on the southern half of the last one. I was using some of my best C.I.A. photo analysis skills to try to guess the campsites EXACT location. I think I got them pretty close, and I also saved some really REALLY zoomed in close images of the campsites. If you want any of them let me know and I'll post them.

The information there is based largely on a 1980 USGS topo map. The aerial photo itself was taken on 4/1/2003. You guys who go out there a lot, let me know if I got something wrong, and I'll change it.

And let me know if there is any problem viewing or printing this map. I may have some tricks you can try. Some browsers will re-size an image to fit into the screen, and if this happens, you will not be able to see the trails. But it is a big map. You'll need to let it print on several pages, and tape them together if you want a traditional folded up map.

The file size is 1.4 MB and it took me about 2 minutes to download on a DSL connection. My apologies to you modem users out there... click the link and go eat dinner.

There are a lot of trails out there and this looks like it's going to be a blast! cchardt - more power to ya for knowing your way around out there!

The raw image of the map in full size: ... mosaic.jpg

Here is a tiny version of it:



Rick,cc, mood,everybody,

I've got some "poster board" hangin around...(Sorry, only white).

Someone say the word and I'll make a few signs that read "Southern Airboat" for the turn-off to the ramp. Maybe CC and I could pound em' in the ground Friday night before the ride???

Another brain fart!

I think that would be a good idea basket! We were just talking about that issue the other day at the chat and I looked around my yard and couldn't find a tank. :D
That would be a great idea!! I am sure we have something lying around here too to put up but yeah me and cc were talking about that when we went out there Sunday.