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March 29th 2008 SCAC 5th Year Birthday Party

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:cry: HEY Buckwheat! give us a call when the crown kicks in you and skeeter dave f"n johnny and all the members have a good time and be safe . I"ll talk to ya"ll sat.! :twisted: :twisted:
My wife and I will be there. We were planning to put in at Jolly Gators around 10:30am is that the right place and the right time?

Geoff :D
Hey guys, Greg and Jill here. Just want to clarify on the Birthday party.
There is no set time to ride. Dinner is at 5:00. Current Seminole County Airboat Club members eat free, all others pay Jolly Gator price (not sure what that is). Beer is happy hour price, and special bucket price for members. Not a member? Join on Saturday, and get in on the fun!
Mammoth Band will play from 6:00 to 10:00. Southern rock and light county. Hope to see you there!
Just talked to Skeeter. They was all still at Jolley Gator. Sounds like they were having a good time. Sounds like a big turn out. If they ride tommorrow it will be a hair of the dog ride. Wish I was there with you all. :pottytrain2:
All i can say is wow.for the folks that left early,or didnt have a chance to make it to the seminole county air boat clubs sixth birthday party it was a major blowout......as the evening wore on it just kept getting better.i dont know the head count but there was a mess of boats and people.my hat goes off to the club and all of its great members for a great time.jill and greg and lee great job of organizing this event we cant wait till next year.also the jolly gator did a great job,and great facilities.food was delicious,the beer was ice cold.folks if you havent heard the mammoth band your missing out,they did a awsome job,especially after scotty jumped up and did his version of long black vail,and a few others out of is greatest hits album.it was good seeing stan and cheryl and bubba and his wife from the lake county club,i thought it was going to be heading south when we were getting ready to leave and i couldnt find the digital camera that queenie got me for christmas,me and seminole wind backtracked and sure enough there it was right where i left it,right along the side of the bank of the st. johns river.it appears to be fine.Back to the band,im not sure but it seemed to me that when the band did it tribute song by toby keith with the american flag,it choked a few people up including me.no one forgot about our soldiers,skeeter said a few words so best of luck to his son in iraq,buckshots son and dennis brother,ive never met you but look forward to shortley possibly another party when you guys come home in victory,again god bless. jr
WOW is right Jr. What a frickin' hot time at the Gator. A big thanks to Greg and Jillicious and everyone who came out for this one. The Mammoth Band (and Scottg ) was awesome, I liked how they interacted and partyed along with us.
That American Flag troop tribute still has me chocked up a little when I think about it.
When Skeeter got up and spoke I damn near lost it big time.
Be glad when our guys and gals get Achmed's ass kicked and come home....what a blow out we'll have then!
Turned out to be a great event for SCAC.Thanks to all that came out,especially all the LCAC group.Again Mammoth Band was great and really got the spirit going.Food was outstanding,hats off to the chef and all Jolly Gator people.God Bless and God Speed to all our Men and Women over seas.
yep, it was a great time, good food, good people, and good riding, was nice to meet some of you for the first time, too bad i probly won't remember what you look like :D , looking forward to the next one.
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