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May/June 2006 Palm Bay-Sebastian-Vero Beach Fishing Report

Capt Jeff

Well-known member
2006 Space Coast Fishing Tourney Schedule

Well gang, my fishing report for this issue is: "Everything is biting now that the water has reached that magical (70) seventy degree mark so, get your butts out of bed & go fish." Tournament season is right around the corner on the Space & Treasure Coast's & I for one am already re-spooling the reels & restocking the tackle bags. There's enough going on in this area to satisfy any anglers need for "Tightlines & Bragging Rights."

Before we get to this season's schedule, I'm disappointed to have to report another act of environmental terrorism by the ever expanding numbers of "affluent northerners" relocating to our beautiful state. Last issue, I reported about the illegal cutting of an entire shoreline of protected mangroves on the Banana River. This occurred in front a several "affluent" waterfront homes here in Brevard County. Of course, no one saw anything as hundreds of feet of mangroves were cut down to the waterline within feet of their back doors.

AP has now reported that on March 8, 2006, (2) two endangered American Crocodiles, once considered among the most imperiled species found in the United States were found shot to death near Key West. Neighbors in this "affluent" residential Sugarloaf Key community had complained for years about the presence of the (7) seven & ( eight foot crocs living in their ponds. FWC had responded out several times & found them to be well-fed, healthy crocodiles living in a pond that was rich in bird life so they had plenty to prey.

The crocs numbers have climbed to nearly 1,000 from a low point in the 1970's of fewer than 300. During this time the crocs have been slowly reclaiming its range up the Atlantic & Gulf Coasts from a last stronghold in the northeastern Florida Bay. Unlike their Australian cousins, there has never, key word "never" been a documented case of an attack on a human in the United States.

Concerned outdoorsmen, fishermen & hunters are getting tired of the out-of-state developers gutting our enviorment just to make a quick buck. We are also tired of reading local interview from these "affluent city transplants" claiming, "Up north, all we had to deal with was raccoons & pigeons." Well folks all I have to say to you if your not willing to protect & co-exist with some of the most diverse & endangered species in the United States, "Then go back to your raccoon's & pigeons"

Sorry for the rant. Now on to the good stuff. Thumbs up to Buzz Underill & Ben Bishop of "Squid Lips OverWater Bar & Grill" for again stepping up to become this years headquarters for (7) seven of Palm Bay/Sebastian/Vero Beach premier inshore & offshore events. Thanks also goes out to the Fisherman's Den of Sebastian for opening up @ 4am on tournament mornings.

I'd also like to thank Florida Highway & Marine Insurance of Sebastian, Todd's T-Tops & Towers, McKinney Construction, Daryll Jacobs Esq, GAFF magazine & Riptide Lures for underwriting the 3rd annual South Brevard Ducks Unlimited "Band the Slam" Inshore Classic. If you have any questions regarding any of these events, please contact the numbers listed below.

"See you on the Boat or in the Blind"

May 20: 10th annual Cal Dixon Celebrity Offshore Fishing Classic. Offshore Port Canaveral. Weigh-in at Sunrise Marina. Eligible: dolphin, wahoo, king mackerel, red snapper, grouper, except Warsaw grouper. Part of HOT Circuit Invitational. Entry fee $120 a boat. Prizes to be announced. Call Mary Beth Scott at 690-3464 ext. 19.

May 20: Fifth annual Home Builders and Contractors Association Double Slam Tournament. Offshore and inshore divisions, offshore Sebastian Inlet and in Indian River area. Headquarters at Riverview Park in Sebastian. Entry $150 a boat. Eligible offshore: wahoo, dolphin, king mackerel. Eligible inshore: redfish, snook, seatrout. Cash prizes about $10,000. Call Travis Herring at 254-3700.

May 20: 10th annual Fishing Frenzy. Offshore Fort Pierce and St. Lucie inlets. Dolphin only. Headquarters Fort Pierce City Marina. Total prizes $20,000 with guaranteed $10,000 for heaviest dolphin. Entry fee $200 before May 2, and $225 thereafter. Call (772) 595-9999, or visit http://www.stluciechamber.org.

May 26-27: Second annual Squid Lips 24 Hours of Tuna Tournament. Depart from any East Coast inlet. Entry $250 a boat with 100 percent payback. Primary eligible species is yellowfin tuna, with wahoo, dolphin and swordfish as secondary. Prizes dependent upon size of field. Headquarters and weigh-in at Squid Lips restaurant in Sebastian. Call Jeff Brauer at (772) 633-8800, or visit http://www.irafr.com.

May 27: 30th annual Treasure Coast Blue Water Open. Offshore Fort Pierce Inlet. Sponsored by Exchange Club of Indian River at Vero Beach. Headquarters at Fort Pierce City Marina. Guaranteed cash prizes of $10,000 based on 75-boat field. Eligible: dolphin, wahoo, king mackerel, grouper and snapper. Entry fee $150 a boat before May 15 and $200 thereafter. Call Warren Lewis at (772) 321-6813, or visit http://www.bluewateropen.org.

May 27: 22nd annual Central Florida Offshore Anglers Memorial Day Tournament. Offshore Port Canaveral. Weigh-in site to be announced. Prizes of $10,000, based on a field of 100 boats. Eligible: dolphin, wahoo, king mackerel, snapper, grouper, with special dolphin division for research. Entry fee $100 a boat prior to May 20, and $125 thereafter. Call Keith Kalbsleisch at (321) 279-1344.

June 3: 38th annual Florida Sport Fishing Association Offshore Slam. Offshore Port Canaveral. Headquarters at Sunrise Marina. Prizes based on size of field. Eligible: dolphin, wahoo, king mackerel, cobia, red snapper, grouper, except Warsaw grouper. Entry $150 a boat. Part of HOT Circuit Invitational. Call Lisa Gorichky at 544-2090, or visit http://www.fsfaclub.org.

June 9 & 10: 3rd annual South Brevard Ducks Unlimited "Band the Slam" Inshore Classic. Inshore Palm Bay, Sebastian & Vero Beach. $8000.00 in cash & prizes. Eligible: redfish, trout, snook (photo only), bluefish, catfish, jack crevelle, ladyfish. $65.00 per adult angler, $20.00 per junior angler 15 & below. Headquarters & Capt's Meeting @ Squid Lips Overwater Grill. Sponsors: McKinney Construction/MAC Metals, Sebastian/Florida Highway & Marine Insurance, Daryll Jacobs Esq., Riptide Lures, GAFF Magazine. Call Capt Jeff Kraynik @ 321-863-9182 or email to captjeff@cfl.rr.com

June 17: 15th annual Melbourne Rotary Club Summer Slam. Offshore Sebastian Inlet. Prizes expected to reach $8,000. Eligible: dolphin, wahoo, king mackerel. Entry fee $135 a boat. Headquarters at Capt. Hiram's Restaurant and Marina. Part of HOT Circuit Invitational. Call Bob Carmichael at (321) 508-5449.

July 1-2: Ninth annual Ed Dwyer Other Side Invitational. East of the Gulf Stream offshore Port Canaveral. Weigh-in at Rusty's Seafood and Oyster Bar. Eligible: yellowfin tuna, wahoo and dolphin. Call Ed Dwyer at (321) 631-3321.

July 7th & 8th: 2nd annual SISA Offshore Inter-Club. Contact Bob Maxwell @ 321-676-0071 for further info.

July 15: Seventh annual Indian River Area Fishing Report's Blue Water Brawl: Offshore Sebastian Inlet. Headquarters at Squid Lips in Sebastian. Projected cash prizes of $16,000 based on 150-boat field. Eligible: wahoo, dolphin, king mackerel, and grouper-snapper. Entry fee $150 a boat. Part of HOT Circuit Invitational. Call Jeff Brauer (772) 633-8800 or visit http://www.irafr.com.

July 15-16: Third annual Canaveral Mac Attack. Offshore Port Canaveral. Headquarters at Scorpions New Port Marina. King mackerel only. Division 10 Southern Kingfish Association event. Entry fee $325 a boat by July 7 and $375 thereafter. Based on a 120-boat field, $75,000 in cash and prizes. Call Keith McCullar at 799-3876, or visit http://www.canaveralmacattack.com

Aug. 5: 13th annual Sebastian Inlet Blue Water Open. Offshore Sebastian Inlet. Sponsored by Exchange Club of Sebastian. Headquarters at Fins Marina at Squid Lips. Guaranteed $15,000 cash prizes. Eligible: dolphin, wahoo, king mackerel, snapper-grouper. Entry fee to be announced. Part of HOT Circuit Invitational. Call John Conlon at (321) 228-6973, or visit http://www.bluewateropen.com.

Sep. 1st & 2nd: SISA Inshore Inter-Club. Contact Bob Maxwell @ 321-676-0071 for further info.

Sep. 15th & 16th: SISA "Redeye Inshore Classic". Contact Bob Maxwell @ 321-676-0071 for further info.

Oct. 14: 4th annual Indian River Lagoon Inshore Fall Classic. "Catch-Photo-Release" Inshore IRL. Headquarters:Chowders Restaurant, Melbourne. Eligible: snook, redfish, trout. Contact Capt Rodney Smith/CAM magazine @ 321-777-2773

Oct 21: 6th annual Treasure Coast Marine Autumn Inshore Classic: Inshore Palm Bay, Grant & Sebastian. Headquarters Treasure Coast Marina in Grant. $5000.00 cash & prizes. Eligible: snook, redfish, trout, sheepshead. Contact Bonnie Roberts @ 321-733-3390