May Monthly SA Ride

Hey Janis I am sure we can find someone and if not you are more than welcome to ride with us.
Thanks Chaser, I new there had to be another way around. Didn't do too much exploring, that black mud I kept finding is some tough stuff :( I can see that this DD has got to go. I bet Rick can run it with three people on his 12 footer :D
Was out yesterday doing a little riding.Spoke with quite a few people,sounds like we will have a good turn out for our ride.The guys that have a hard time running dry can either put in at Hatbill or run thru Snake Creek.The other way thru I know is jumping on the dike into the grass along the dry trail by the bird tower.Then we will run to Hatbill to let everyone get together,and over to Bullsh*t Hill over to Buzzard Mound then Jolly Gator then stop by Cooter Cove for a few then on to Stone Bridge and head back.

Are you kiddin! I'll take your bet and add another 2 people to Ricks boat and bet it will still make it!


Talked to "hitler" today and we'll be there for the ride if the good Lord's willin!

Hey Croc1,

Man, you're right! I figured Loughman would have it on thier calender too.

Skeeter, should I bring a swamp buggy instead :( Any water there at the lodge?

Very little water Basket,We all may be putting in at Hatbill.Ive got a ride instore for you and Dawn,Be ready.
Rode from Loughmans to BS Hill and back today.Not to bad of a ride.Snake Creek has water,DD shouldnt have a problem except its very narrow.One way in alot of spots.Came grass trail next to Bird Tower on the way back.Its passable,little bit of mud getting to gras trail,we didnt have any trouble there.Looks like we will have a good ride for the 20th.I posted some pics of Loughmans in my Gallery.

A little dry! LOL! The pics looks like maybe Kansas :sad2:

That's ok though.

This weekend I'll start to work on my "top-secret-rain-dance-flux-capacitor" for the basketboat. Wait till ya'll see this!

well here we are and this ride and event is about 3 weeks away. If any of you pray, please pray for rain. Not just in Brevard but all over the state of Florida. This is really serious and getting bad out there. Right now there are some bad fires in Northern Brevard and they might affect our day at Loughman if they continue to burn. The smoke will affect us I should say. It looks like there is no end in site. We all need to get together and do one big southernairboat rain dance. :lol:
Folks, there will be a meeting on Sat. the 6th to decide about the Quiet Airboat Demo. It's not lookin' real good for it right now. It'll probably be postponed until later in the year .... maybe early Autumn.

There's no sense in having it if we can't do it 1st Class, and if it is postponed that decision needs to made soon so that there will be enough time to get the word out to everybody. :(

Can you please post on cancellation/revised date as soon as possible. Un-changeable vacation time scheduled and the 6 hour drive from our place, (would be nice to know if other nearby reservations are needed for alternate launch point).