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May ride

S.A. May 2006 ride

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We had a great time. Thanks Skeeter for putting this all together. The food was great and the scenery was great. I loved the place where we ate.
Randy it was good to see you. I think the last time we went riding with you was the October ride on Lake Kissimmee. Sorry you could not make it Sunday.
Bravo, good riding with you and thanks for the drinks. I felt pretty good.
Uncle Bubba it was good to see you guys too. Hope to see you soon.
Matt and Laura, glad you guys could hop aboard with Randy and go out with us Saturday.
Stan and Cheryl, good riding with you and seeing you guys again. We had a good time with you on Sunday as well. Thanks for breakfast too. Thanks Randy for cooking it.
Basket and Ms Wizard, love you guys.
Everyone else I am missing and the Seminole members who showed us around with Skeeter on Saturday and Sunday it was good to meet you all and I can understand why you have to stop on the sand hill there to drink a few. With all the traffic you have to go through to get there you need one. LOL We had a great time and it was good eating lunch with all of you.
Sorry you missed it Rick but we were thinking about you.


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Hey Everybody, I had a much needed weekend getaway even if it was a little rough around the edges for me. It does a body good to take some time off work, hook up the boat, take in some different scenery, hang out with the SA family and make some new friends along the way.

I would like to give a huge
to Dan and Steve from the Seminole Airboat Club. While we were taking the Saturday ride out on Lake Harney, the starter gave out on my boat. Most of the group had already taken off, but in true airboater fashion, a couple of guys waited to see if I was alright or if they could help. We pulled the starter off and it couldn't be repaired on the water. In no time at all Dan was on the redneck network (Nextel) to Steve, who had just gotten off from work, and asked if he has a spare chevy starter (there are two different styles) in the workshop. Steve asked who it was for and Dan told him "this guy from down south" he called back in a few minutes and said he didn't have a new one on the shelf, but he did have an old pickup in the backyard that might have one on it. Being A TRUE SOUTHERN GENTLEMAN Steve got out his tools and crawled under the old truck and removed the starter just to see if it would work. Well I sure got lucky because it bolted right up and worked perfectly. I gave a big smile, shook his hand, and asked if there was anything I could do to repay him. He said it was nothing and all he asked is that if I saw someone else who needed help to stop and give them a hand if I could. ( I have done and will continue to do that anyway, thats just how I was raised and it is nice to see others were as well )

Safari Rick thanks for sticking around to make sure we got it worked out, sometimes you never know.

Skeeter thanks for leading the way and showing us out-of-towners where to go in your neck of the woods. The ride around the lake and Econ River was way different than what I'm used to, that is exactly what I believe these monthly runs were meant to be. Seeing the houses on the lake, the people fishing on the bank, and the different kinds of boats that have to share the river makes me understand a little better some of the issues that airboater all over the state are facing. When you only ride in one area you only understand the things that affect you, for example down here in the Glades airboat "sound" means next-to-nothing to us because the boat ramp I normally use is almost 15 miles from town and we go even farther out from there, You guys are literally doing it in peoples backyard. The only other boat traffic I usually see is in the deep-water canals that border the hundreds of thousands of acres of sawgrass, I bet I saw thirty boats other than airboats on the lake and river. I also understand that sometimes there are jet skis, canoes, or kayaks that share the river, if you want to talk about having to display flags for safety here you go, I can see where things could go bad in a hurry coming around one of those bends in the Econ with 3 feet of riverbank on the side and suddenly you see / or don't see a jet ski coming at you. I think there should be a flag law-not just for airboats.

Stan you outdid yourself - that was some of the best fried food I've had in years (it reminded me of Grannys cooking, you can definately take that as a compliment), alot of restrants cant do it even close to that good. Thanks to everybody who pitched in an brought food it was awesome, Big'ol frog legs, catfish, hush puppies, gator wings, succulet shrimp coctail, baked beans, potato salad, dinner rolls, it was an impressive spread anywhere you put it but it was even better at the pavillion on the Econ with good friends.

Bandit & better half (sorry I forget names) you have a very nice boat and an impressive tow vehicle, I hope they serve you well and often.

Uncle Bubba & family it was nice to meet you.

Cntry, you and Stan have got some luxury accomidations to stay in (with the ladies of course) while on your airboating adventures across the state, I hope to be there one day. I'll keep working for it.

Laura & Matt, Ms.Wizard & Basketcase, Dakota & CC, and Bravo it was good to spend some time with friends away from the hassles of everyday life and pop-a-top on a cold one or two, I hope to do more of it soon. The "therapy" is just what the doctor ordered.

Waterthunder & Laney, I hope the little one feels better soon. Congratulations you are the first and current Quiet Airboat Champ. I was extremely impressed with the performance of your ride. (and it looks clean too) Quiet is nice but applied horsepower is what it is really about, a few other boats put in where you did and made the 1/4 mile trip over dry ground around the lake before slipping across the black mud hit to get to the water, but none of them did it with only partial throttle. I wish I could have been on the ride Sunday to actually see how it cruises, but I have some cooling issues to work on with my boat so I decided to cut it short and head home early.

If I forgot to mention anybody, it ain't personal. It is the people that make this group something special.

I've said it before and this last weekend proved it... some of the best people I've met have been out on the airboat. There doesn't seem to be nearly as much ego or attitude, most are willing to help if they can. Florida and the people who live here are changing and I don't feel it is getting better, it feels good to know that this part of Floridas Heritage and "the old south" is very much alive and we should do everything posible to make sure our children and grandchildren will be able to enjoy it as well.

Rick...even though you couldn't be there, Thanks for making this possible.


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Hey ya'll,

Skeeter and the whole Seminole County Airboat club rocks :cheers: There are several documentaries on the St. Johns river for anybody doubting it's natural beauty and tranquility, (we saw first hand and will go back God willing)!

650 mile round trip on the truck, 45 gallons of boat fuel, many new awesome S.A. family members, lost keys, GREAT FOOD, live/legal 10 foot gator trapping, and the memories....PRICELESS :hello1:

Will try to get some of the awesome pics we got posted later.



Dakota":3gykp8j7 said:
Sorry you missed it Rick but we were thinking about you.
Thanks Dakota. I'm sorry I missed it too. I sure have enjoyed looking at the pictures & reading the posts though.

I had no doubt that skeeter would be an excellent host.


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Im glad to hear everyone had so much fun.It was great meeting the SA members I have been posting with over the last few months.Wait till the water comes up then I can really show you guys a good time.See yall at Kiss


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Skeeter yer the man! I know everyone wants to say this everytime they see your name. Skeeter!

Got'ta Skeeter on my P-t-r knock em off.
Got'ta Skeeter on my P-t-r knock em off.
Got'ta Skeeter on my P-t-r, Got'ta Skeeter on my P-t-r Got'ta Skeeter on my P-t-r knock em off! Whoooooooooo!


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We used to sing the last line...
"there's a dozen on my cousin - I can hear the buggers buzzin'.... there's a skeeter....etc."

Always seemed to be sung when we were fishin and took a piss break.

Followed shortly after the old line....
"Dang, this water's cold"
To which the fishin' buddy peeing on the other side of the boat would reply...
"And deep too"


I had not thought of this stuff since high school!