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Mechanic for Boat w/ Car Motor near Boca Raton

Hello everyone,

I'm a graduate student at Florida Atlantic University and we have a Diamondback airboat with a car motor that we need to have routine service done on at least twice a year. Currently we've been taking the boat up to Okeechobee, but that is a long drive from Boca Raton. Any suggestions for a mechanic that will work on a car engine close to Boca? We would like for it to be checked out thoroughly since we just finished running the boat hard for 4 months straight.

Any suggestions would be appreciated!

I would think any auto mechanic should be able to do it for you. It's fairly simple to change the oil, oil filter and change out the oil in the gearbox. I suggest if you are on FB, go to the Southern Airboat FB page. Far more likely to get someone's local attention. Lots of airboaters on this coast and most of the ones I know follow the FB page more than this one.
They have been given the name of the only person in this area I have a long history with who does nothing but honest solid work. he will probably have that engine running better than it ever has since 100% of the people who have used him will agree. These are female students who need assurance that the boat gets them out and back safely they do research on lake O
Good afternoon Rich, I have a house in Lakeport, two boats both car motor, would like to have a local contact that could take care of engine problems without having to bring boat back to West Coast where I live, thanks you can send in a PM if you would rather. Roy