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Mechanical Fuel pump questions 220 GPU


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:proud: After 6 months of rebuild time I was able to start the motor today, initially had to properly ground the mags to the case so it would shut off, then found a jet of fuel spraying off the oem style mech fuel pump, after closer inspection and scouring the pin hole opened up from corrosion on the inside. Anyone know where to get these round ones. Also, the aftermarket dodge one below looks good but does the lever ride on top of the cam or bottom? Thanks in advance!


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225 slant 6, or look up 50s corvette fuel pump rebuild kit, you have to find the one with the 6 check valves.
John Fenner said:

I appreciate the info! The round body of the pump side is where the pump developed a pin hole from pitting in the inside. I would love to rebuild it but unless I can replace the round part in pic below, originally it was a pin hole then as I roughed it to put JB weld to temporarily plug the hole got bigger. Looking at the slant 6 one as it appears to ride on top of the cam gear, Schmidt has one for 150$ and Ducarra has them listed at $90. I know the one in pic is preferred but how is the performance of the slant 6? Comparable? In reference to the corvette rebuild kit. Is that where that pump is off for these? John, thank you again for the input!


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Seems cheap enough
John Fenner said:

Seems cheap enough
The psi not an issue? I know some say keep fuel pressure to 7, common sense says 8 or 9 is negligible. Also, the lever seems different. My current one is from Schmidt according to previous owner, the one picture looks fine. I’m a newbie on these, my dad had Lycoming growing up and we messed with car motors in HS, so it’s been 30 years. 🙈
The dodge mechanical fuel pump works great and its only like $30. Just buy new then have a spare. Never had one fail. You should run an electric inline as well anyway.
I have a faucet in line for priming, then I shut it down. I was looking at those slant 6 pumps as well. Thanks for the info!
Gotcha! I bit the bullet and got the Schmidt one, the slant 6 dodge would of worked but my motor mount was in the way, I’m gonna buy a used one and do what your were saying, then I have a back up pump, used for $30 on eBay less shipping. She’s up and breathing! Now to awlgrip on the sides of the hull and rudders and I’m done after 7 months!


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You will likely never need to replace it again, keep in mind, these engines sat for years after being pulled from service, the diaphragms had residual fuel in them on last run, so they dried out like any other fuel system component. The original hoses on most were petrified when we tore the packettes down to modify for airboat use.
The one that went bad was one bought from Schmidt by the previous owner put on within last 10 years. No worries, thanks for the help. I also have the facet electric fp just above the tank for priming and back up!

airtech 60577 is what i been running for years on my gpu. you might5 find them cheaper than the link i posted. i keep one for a spare under the front deck in a ziplock bag.
That one and the Dodge Dart won’t fit due to the way the motor mounts were fabbed on my stand unfortunately. But I’m gonna get the 6 valve Chevy and mate the top to the old gpu bottom as a back up.
Mechanical fuel pump 220. Original. Any help? The Chevy one that is posted is not available. I’m not real good with any of this gpu stuff. So I need all the help I can get. :florida: SKU: ARC 1016C not available.
mfreem said:
The dodge mechanical fuel pump works great and its only like $30. Just buy new then have a spare. Never had one fail. You should run an electric inline as well anyway.

Any idea of year for the dodge?