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Melbourne Ride August 4-5, 2007


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Have not decided exactly where but since some want a 2 day ride maybe one day we can go south and the other day go north. Plenty of hotel rooms or camping would be good. There are alot of camping places out there.
We will be there for one or the other, it's our 12th anniversary that weekend so hopefully, Mrs Marshrat will want to ride and meet some new marsh friends, we can run the big marsh from Winder to Poinsett, I would think there is enough water for any boat to run it, the trail is still only one boat wide right now, keep us posted on where everyone is leaving from, we are in Rockledge so either way is great.
ptr34, send me a pm with your email address and I will send you directions. It does take about 2 1/2 to 3 hours to get here.
Heah Dakota,just talked to Doug about the ride,he said southern airboat puts on some of the best rides he`s seen and welcomes us back any time!! Said evey one is polite and cleans up after them selfs and are just generally good people.Great comments coming from the chairman of the board 8) Keep up the good work folks!!! And come visit any time :thumbright: :thumbleft: :cheers:
Doug who? Doug from the club? Well I would have the ride with or without their permission. I don't need anyones permission to put on a ride in Melbourne for sure. I am sorry I am coming across like this but when we had the first ride there, the club DID not want us to have it there until they figured out that we were all right. I know southernairboat is awesome and are great people and they are welcome to my neck of the woods anytime. Thanks for all your work Joe, but I could care less whether I have their permission or not.
Wasn`t trying to get there permission to ride the marsh,or use the ramp.Simply stated I talked to him,he stoped by the shop next to my work thats allso owned by a club member,and it came up in conversation.Regardless how YOU feel I think it`s nice to see atleast one of those "goodole boys" who didn`t want sa there at first change his mind.It`s a good pat on the back for every one who attended the last ride. Next time maybe I wont post a pat on the back for every one so not to offend you,If thats how you took it you where wrong,Just letting you and all that read this know what a great job they did with the last ride,You know it aint easy to change there minds.Hell I`d rather ride with most any body than a club member,While I was over there I got permission to go to the cabins on bulldozer :lol: Never knew I need that,Been going there a long damn time without it :lol: But thats there mentality,and I thought it was great to here him say good things about sa.
OK I`m done
Oh no, Joe I did not get offended at all and did not take it in a bad way but I was just stating the fact that I do not need them to say it is ok for me to bring sa there. I also do agree with you when they said that sa is a good group of people when they were the same ones saying that they did not want sa there. So I do appreciate the fact that you did post it and let everyone know but again, that was my opinion and I was simply stating my opinion. Enough said, now we can move on with getting things together.

Bandit, when are you guys going to be coming over? Saturday or Sunday?
Oh I will be ready :) Well as far as right now we will be going north I think. If something else happens between now and then I will be sure to let you know so you know what ramp to come to.

Oh-noo............I remember the last Southern Airboat ride when I was there, http://www.southernairboat.com/phpBB2/v ... m.php?f=21
From you and CC trying to do a James Bond through the cabbage palms to my barge going down six foot wide trails, (all of a sudden my prop sounded funny, turn around to check it out and my rigging was completely covered with vegetation). :shock:

The ride coincides with mine and MsWizard's 2 year wedding anniversary. I'll have to see if she wants to do the anniversary in style. :D
At close to fifty it's getting hard to amaze her on anniversary's anymore, (done the candles, diamonds and limo's already).

How about another long.....ride! Launch early and ride till later.

Well actually what happened was we could not steer. The bolt came out of the rudder and we were lucky it did not hit the prop. :D Funny how we got it right in between the two trees though.

Going early and riding all day is up to everyone else. I am up for it myself but some may want to ride at night and some are going to ride on Sunday as well so. But whatever people want to do. I also think you can talk Ms Wizard into it. Maybe we can decorate the cabin out there at Bulldozer and you can have a romantic dinner. That would be something different. Something to think about!! :D