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Member nominations for the next FAA President ......

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What member of the Southern Airboat gang, or any other airboater who is a member of a club who supports the FAA, would you like to nominate to be the next President of the FAA ?

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Matt offered to go in my place but with BPS having been there before he will be the one to represent southernairboat.
None taken Ms. Wiz. I'm actually glad because I'm now thinking races!!!!

When Dakota and then Rick were both spoken for on the date of the meeting, I stepped up and volunteered to be the one-time courier of the collective voice of Southern Airboat and carry that voice to the FAA meeting.

But when Adam expressed a desire to go, I stepped aside. I'm very proud to have him as my rep!

I still stand by that volunteer effort in case something happens to Adam's calander that conflicts i.e. war breaks out and the Army shanghi's him. So I will stand behind the scenes, and watch in case that need arise.

But I'm sure thinking RACES!!!! I may rent a booth to sell maps.... I'm checking into my costs right now. ;)

Umm...... No offense to the author of this thread, but it should also be pointed out that the bylaws of the FAA are AWOL from the public eye. Granted, Olf may have seen them or have a copy in his possesion.

I'm not sure the point of this thread except to gather public opinion, and it should be stated that this is an opinion poll, not an official nomination - Unless the FAA bylaws allow one member to nominate another without registration or consent.

Just a FYI.

I'd nominate John O'Neill (if he'd agree to run)

I like Bob Hoover for the Prez because he's spoken to me in the past about his desire to increase the level of communication throughout the FAA, but if John "Cntry" O'Neill tosses his hat in, we'll have a race!

Ok Matt, If my nomination gets a second then I will run but however I figure there will be a problem because more than likely the bylaws are setup to protect the current method of doing business within the FAA and more than likely someone who is not a delegate will not be eleigible for office.

the whole intent of my term if I was elected would be re-structuring the membership bylaws so real airboaters can have a vote. It will take time because I am sure that it will not be well received by the current regime at FAA.

The newsletter would be easy to do and the membership dues would more than pay for it. but again there will be much resistance to change.

Even if SAO was to send me out to the wolves it is unlikely I would be elected not having have been a delegate. The very fabric of the FAA structure is to exclude average airboaters who might not go along with the slapbacks. Otherwise something as important as an election of a president would have been out for disemination to the delegates to get guidance from their local group.

So I will run but more importantly I hope change will come to the FAA in a meaningful way or like woodswoman say it won't matter who is in the office. I will run because I always follow through. But like I say the slapbacks are not ready for me but I hope they notice the talk on here and realize that if they don'y change the money will dry up and they will blow away, because if it is not me that does it sooner or later someone will get a real statewide airboat club going thta represents average joe airboater.

so what ever ya'll want ... let the fun begin, I been here done this before, just another day in paradise to me.
Just a thought on how to keep the voting strait. If every voting member has an ID card and a membership number that will ensure one vote per member. Unless of course votes are not to be tied to individual members.

I am all for individual memberships but I can see ways to make the delegate system work and still keep it on track. Both can work just takes some effort.

I don't know the current PW but I keep hearing change is needed and I DO respect those who are calling for change so thats what drives me. I have no personal axes to grind just preferred policies and practices.

If nominations are truely open I'd second Swampjet and also nominate or second cntry141iq and let the election settle it. I personally feel both have a lot to contribute.

I know ya'll have thought of this but keep in mind that this is the FAA's party. They are the ones who make the rules and cast the final votes. Before anyone gets too excited we have to get the requirements from FAA.

Bob Hoover, aka, swampjet, is truly a logical choice for president. he is currently very involved with the FAA as everyone knows. And I like him personally even if I don't agree with all he has done.

The chances of an outsider being elected president would be slim even if they were allowed to participate in the race which up till now is a non-race because no one even knows who is running. and probably that is because it has been pre-determined by the slapback group within the FAA.

So basically, change in the FAA will have to come from the inside of the FAA. We can make our voices heard on the outside and hope the FAA officials whomever they may be will be paying attention.

The other option of course is if you are truly not happy with the FAA then simply don't give them any money to operate, boycotts have been very effective, there is an old saying ... sorta like ... if you get their wallets their hearts will follow. and it is true. So there are several ways to effect change but the bottom line is I feel it is time for change.

So wasting a lot of time trying to force someone on the FAA is probably futile. I would suggest that we spend the time and effort to make our wishes known to the FAA anyway we can and cast our vote with our wallets, in other words if you like the FAA as it is then send them money, if you don't like it then send them a message and don't send money. Sending them money and asking them to change is silly, They will simply keep on keeping on as usual.

So thats my stance, if they are willing to accept an outsider to run for president then let the party begin, however the ones who need to hear the vision for the future are the delegates because they are the only ones who vote. So i beleive it is truly a lost cause because even if nominated and accepted there is precious little time to campaign the issues.

Thanks John, aka , cntry141iq
I second that motion Matt even thought I said Bob. I recant Bob and I second John!!! I think you would be good country
Maybe we better ask up front before this goes too far.

Cntry you dont have any bull dogs with "strange" sexual preferences do you?
Come on fess up if ya do...........

Ahahahah Yall know where that came from ! I was thinking about how to differentiate between candidates and it just popped in my mind !

My apologies to anyones gay bulldogs that have since reformed ! We just have to be careful WHO we put in office these days !

Scotty :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

You made a very good point above that I almost missed....
The FAA's by-laws are not here for us to see! Why?

Every conservation/hunting club that I've ever belonged to supplied their members with by-laws. This could be done via local clubs to reduce the burden on the FAA, if the local clubs were supplied with such.

Scotty, I got the gay pit bull :D


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I know Basket, I remember the original posts. I was just checking out Cntry to see if he had any dogs with skeletons in the closet before giving the nod. I don't think this will be a "Don't ask, Don't tell" election !

By the way Basket, hows the pup doing these days?

Scotty :lol:
Don't y'all be dissin' my dog! He is very heterosexual I might add. You all are just saying that cause he's a momma's boy. If I knew how to post his handsome pic I would.......as for the nomination part of this. I think we need to take "Marvin" into consideration. Y'all know who Marvin is. Those who don't well, I will let Country fill you in. Just kidding John. I think you would fight for our cause without question. But I gotta stick with swampjet on this one. Just cause you don't get nominated or elected or any of that doesn't mean you can't stick your neck out for the cause. That goes for all of us. My 2 pennies

This subject has really been beaten up - and probably for good reason.

The FAA ByLaws are currently being revised. The FAA ExCom - well represented by SA Members - has spent many hours and two full day meetings discussing them. The proposed changes will be voted on at the October 14 meeting. Hopefully, these revisions will be publicized prior to that meeting - it is certainly appropriate that be done.

No matter who is elected President, that person will have to work with the appointed Delegates who represent FAA member clubs - that's how FAA currently operates. There is - and will be - no prohibition against any member of any FAA affiliated club or business running for any office. As in most elections, nominations will be accepted from the floor. A list of current FAA member clubs and businesses is available from Karen Beal, FAA Treasurer, for those who want to politic.

The very best scenario is for every FAA member to make certain they have a Delegate present on October 14 so their votes can be counted. Hopefully, those who will be freshly elected to office will head the call for change. Hopefully there will be enough donations to assure FAA can meet the eminent challenges facing all of us.
BigD - I'm glad you are involved. I know Danny Brantley is also involved, and if the others are like you two, it's gonna be all right.


I liked reading your above post... EXCEPT.... the part about trying ("hopefully" is the word used) to get the word out prior to the election. Bylaws, or whatever the issue, there should be NO QUESTION - "no hopefully" ABOUT IT... the info MUST get to the delegates in a timely manner or they are not representing ANYONE BUT THEMSELVES.

I'm all for the "one member - one vote" concept because I believe the delegate system does not work. Let's energize it one last time (this year?) and use it to find a new system.