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Memorial Day weekend on lake George


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Memorial weekend of 2007 has come and gone and I must say it was another eventful experience.Some of the highlights are as follows.
Sunday while basking in the cool waters and the hot sun up juniper run .The crowed of bathers were frightened by the arrival of a 5' cotton mouth.The situation was Quickly handled by Woody.After assessing the situation.he reached down into the crystal clear water and with the speed of lightning he brought the Snake up by the neck.He was quickly relieved of his head by one of the local boaters with the aid of a 6" knife.
Saturday turned out somewhat of a rough day for a couple of boaters .One went down at the mouth of the Glen and another went down in Little Juniper,sunk that is.
Sunday evening was highlighted by the the locals running thier boats threw there paces at the pasture.Dead eye broke the ice when he unloaded his boat and wife and went out and made a few passes with his car motor Gilieo. After a short while River rat arrived with his diamondback deck boat with a 550 hp LS1 . Joker with his 15"diamondback went out to meet him and river rat oblidged . they lined up and at the nod of a head they were off Joker with his 425 hp 383 ,2.38 stinger and stacked 5 blades took river Rats 550 hp 3 blade waterwalker,2.68 out of the whole ,joker held him off through 400 feet of shallowwater, after runnin a 1/4 mile river rat had him by half a boat.
Later the best racin of the day took place.It was the Scramble Town direct drive championship .This race pited the 509 cadi Q series sensenich,of Longshot's 16'8; Hartline ,against Half Racks 500 cadi,15' riverMaster 6 blade turbo warp and the 16' combee hull ,500 cadi , 5 blade warp drive of Long Hair ,all from Scramble town,
The word was that Long Hair had been workin on his hole shot and his work paid off. has he left the others coughin and backfirein at the line.