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Metal types used for engine stands

I see there a lot of topics on this one, but looking through them, I haven't been able to find the answer to my question.
I have Lycoming 0-320 and trying to see what types of steel are being used to make up the mount portion that bolts to the motor.
Attached is picture of what I am trying to duplicate. Mainly the plate and tubing section that bolts to motor.
Tubing size, and plate thickness?
The leg portion I have figure out.


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mine look like yours but on my new stand will look like the straight mounts (conical mounts) in the article. looks like 4130 chromoly... 3/4" OD with 1/2" ID for the bolts and conical mount.
Classic Airboat sells mounts that are tapered to accept the rubber cones. You can also use a piece of 1 1/2 " pipe and weld a flat washer on each side of it.
Thanks very much. I’ll check out Classic Airboats for the mounts they make. If I go the pipe and washer route, is sch 40 pipe strong enough. Or should I be looking at a chromoly like they use in aircrafts?
Hamant airboats carries them

And if your on the SA facebook the are several guys the have them

Also Stainless Steel is the only way to go in my opinion
I dont understand why you would put the conical mounts on the engine stand when you already have them on the engine mounts...? This is why mine sag and am changing out. you'd be using 3 rubber cones per connection. :dontknow:

Lycoming Detail:
Not planning go on adding a third conical rubber. I am trying to figure out what type of steel is being used for the larger pipe that is bolted to the motor, and as well what type is used for the “washer” that is welded to both ends of that pipe.
I will keep the conical rubbers on the motor portion only.
Thanks everyone for the help and suggestions so far.