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Milk Bus on Lake Kississimee


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Been in argument with people at camp mack (know it alls) they call the milk bus the school bus. And there proof is a map of lake with school bus instead of milk bus. NEED HELP tell me your story!!!!!!


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That claim is no more believable than the Washington Compost's recent declaration
that George Soros does NOT covertly finance these libtard, Kavanaugh protesters.

Maybe they all have that in common; perhaps they were riding the short bus the whole time, and never had a clue.
That would explain a number of things that make absolutely no sense otherwise. :idea:


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I guess my previous response may not help your cause depending on who you are trying to convince. :wink:

In that case, show them the results of this search:
Then ask them do they believe 625 airboaters' posts spanning 13+ years,
OR ONE mapmaker who doesn't even own a boat and made a mistake?

If that doesn't convince them, then refer to the previous post. :lol:
It's said that 4 - 6% can't be helped, in which case you are most likely wasting your time.


40 years ago we used to get inside of it to get out of the rain. At that time the whole body was still there and the clutch pedal still worked if you pushed it down. And it was definitely a milk truck. Legend has it that a guy robbed the bank in St Cloud and stole the truck to get away but was spotted by the sheriff and chased to where it is now after it got stuck in the sand. The sheriff shot and killed the robber and the money was mysteriously never recovered!


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WOW Didn't know that the money was never recovered wonder how much it was, Is it still hide somewhere ??????


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It was the old Bordens milk delivery truck, it happened in the late 60's if I remember right, I was still in High school in St Cloud, he didn't get much, maybe couple K but you could buy a new car for that back then.


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It was a milk truck no doubt. Like a previous post states, we used to go inside of it when weather got bad. No windows, just a box. That was mid ‘90s.