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Monster Pig


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Didnt hear about this til a few minutes ago. What a biggun! The part that pissed me off though is on the page click on the negative comments and read what they wrote to this kid. Well if that kid was right here Id shake his hand.
yea i didnt think they should have said some of the negative things that were posted on there .. im a hunter myself and i would definatly sey i would shake his hand to!
the negative comments were from morrons.idiots which get 99% of there food from hunters and most of there clothing from animals.not to sound ugly but when one day that our nations food supply or trucking companies get to where they can not profit to deliver goods.we will see how well these same people do.i bet they would kiss that kids a-- for his living off the land knowledge.when they don't know how to grow food they will die off.
I wonder what they would do if he got in there gardens. How you gonna make a veggie burger with no veggies? Your not your gonna make a pork burger hah.
i grew up hunting and have made it a family thing here hunting with my son and both daughters. i teach them right and that hunting is not just going out and killing something.hunting kept me out of trouble growing up and it is working for the kids to ,so if any of those people have a problem with it they are more then welcome to come discuss it with me. p/s: that has to be some bigggg pork chops :lol:
that thing was HUGE...even if it was a corn fed hog, still a huge pig. Imagine going in the palmetto's after your catch dog and seing that thing staring you down!!
we would have to see who could run the fastest, i'd have the advantage cause he would be slipping on all the mess i was leaving behind
I would send P.E.T.A. one of the posters, if those people carred as much about their fellow man as they do an animal the world would be a better place.
I heard about Monster Pig on John Boy and Billy show this morning, don't know if y'all get them down there in God's Country or not, but I'm proud the boy is out in the woods, not in front of some video game. The "negative" people have obviously never met a MEAN wild feral hog in the woods.
It made the news way up here!
Man, that's one huge hog.... gotta go visit my Brother in Alabama, see if we can find another one, say 1/4 the size and hope I don't crap myself before a shot can be fired from the .445 Supermag.
BTW: That S&W IS a custom shop revolver and every bit of $1,500.
"Factory" .50S&W rounds are fairly light however even the starting charge of reloads are nasty 8)
I'll say this about that. If you aren't going to eat it and it wasn't trying to eat you, you shouldn't kill it.

Not talking about this particular hog. I know it says they butchered it.
im not down sizing the pride i am certain that boy and his father or whoever he is are feeling, but anyone who knows squat about huntin wild hogs knows for sure that aint no pure wild piny wood rooter, they aint got the feed or minerals or vitamins or none of that to get that size on their own in the wild, i dont belive this is a pure wild hog nor do i belive hogzilla was... thats my 2 cents alone, but it should count for something cuz i been runnin dogs and catchin hogs a looong long time... i duno, take it or leave it :)
I'm amazed at how these misguided people can "love" a wild hog so much, but hate an 11 year old boy with all of their mite. The language that they use is a testament to their character.

Who would you be more proud to have as a son, Jamison or the kid that's calling him a murderer for killing an animal and then goes to McDonalds every chance he gets.

Misguided, indeed.
It's a big hog, but the photos were took to make it look like something it's not.

And who goes hunting hogs with a .50cal handgun anyway? An 11 year old boy?

It looks and seems like an ad to me.

Just an opinion.