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Monthly Ride #2 Flyer


cowboy has made a nice flyer for the Okeechobee ride. If you want to print it choose one of these links:
monthly-ride-okeechobee.doc (for Microsoft Word)
monthly-ride-okeechobee.pdf (for Acrobat Reader)

I already have plans on that date, but Airboat World will throw in a cap and a year subscription for a prize. Sorry I'm gonna miss it. I had been thinking of putting something like this together myself. It should be lots of fun. Make sure you get us some photos...
For any folks familiar with Okeechobee. Are any lodges or cabins located on the lake where I won't have to trailer my boat? How close are they to where the group will be meeting for the ride?
I don't know of any cabins that would be located on the water near to where the landing is. Most of the ones listed on the flyer are all just a short ride back into town from Okee-Tantie. (10 min max)
I think that a cabin will be safer for parking your boat overnight, than a motel parking lot.
I made reservations at the Rim Canal Motel today. It's looking a little doubtful whether I'll have my prop by then, but it doesn't matter. If I can't bring the airboat, I coming with the "BAD_SS jonboat" and I'll do some bream fishing, with my grandson, in the canal and meet ya'll at the weigh-in.

I'll be sure to bring a few shirts & stickers and Terri from Airboat World Magazing is giving a cap & subscription to be added for prizes.

It might be a good idea, at this point, to particpate in the "Who's going on the Ride?" poll if you haven't already. If you've already voted "yes" & can't make it, please let cowboy know asap.