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Monthly ride in Okeechobee

Meet in the afternoon and comeback after dark?

  • Come back after dark, and have frogging contest?

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  • Just have a daytime ride?

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Basketcase: Geez just make a decision LOL no one is gonna die based on it. You will have fun froggin do you have a frog chute on that ride of yours, I don't remember .. if not I bet its the only thing your missing. Go easy now just kiddin your boat is a cadillac of the airboats.

Ok! I voted for the 4 A.M. ride!

No chute yet! Man, I'll have to trade the recliner in for one!

Basket case you dont really need one you can have your wife pull the frogs off the gig and bag them for you. HOWEVER she may object but you can always let her lay on the bow and grab them as you drive by that way there is no blood involved HOWEVER it is probably all over as soon as she grabs the first cottonmouth or baby gator and you thought having to decide on which ride was bad huh see I told you AIRBOATIN brings families closer together

Do the total weight of the moccasins count?!

I'll probably do much better if we have a moccasin weigh-in instead of frogs!