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Mother Nature Give Us A Break!


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I know what you mean, It only got up to 85 here today and they're calling for more of the same tomorrow! :p :stirpot:
:rebel: :florida: :old_glory:


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Yah, went out for an hour ride without a hat today and toasted the old head. What's the world coming too! :lol:


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I got slap burnt up yesterday on Kissimmee..... Was out from 10 to 2:30 & I am burnt...... Sorry to rub it in twister!!!!!!
Ice jam slightly broken up just north of South Bend. Plenty of ice upstream near Schuyler causing problems. When things warm up later this week it could get dangerous out there. Better get the campers and boats moved to higher ground if you haven't already.


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I hate when you have to wear a sweatshirt till 10Am at Kissimmee before you can stuff it under the seat. :D


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This will put a chill in you. Our high was 4 degrees yesterday. It could be an interesting spring.


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we had a ice storm last night in austin Tx I lost all my peaches dammit whats up mother nature :dontknow: