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Mounting Flexplate to Drive Plate ???

I recently just replaced my flexplate I am running a 383 stroker with a ch3 2:1 reduction. When I attached the flexplate to the drive plate with the 6 bolts and spacers I torqued the flexplate bolts down to 35 lbs and I am still able to spin the bolt in the hole by just turning on the head of the bolt. So i put probably 12 hours of run time on it like that and torqued it to 40 lbs and can still spin them by the head in the hole. Is this normal or should I look at getting some new spacers and bolts? I also ran it wide open toward the end of the night and had some pretty good wobble at 4400 and up rpm was wondering if this was the cause of that as well?

Are you using foot pounds ?

Inch pounds vs foot pounds maybe

Are you using washers ?

Check make sure the bolts are threaded enough that you are not setting torque based on running out of threads.

Open the pdf and look at Step #4

Put a finger full of grease into the pilot area of the crankshaft and then slide the lower assembly stub
shaft into the end of the crankshaft. This is a close fit so you may need to lightly tap the end of the shaft
with a leather or rubber mallet. DO NOT USE A STEEL HAMMER OR EXCESSIVE FORCE. If the
fit is too tight, use a piece of emery cloth to polish out the crankshaft. Clean, re-grease and try again.
After inserting the stub into the crankshaft, use the six (6) 7/16 fine thread bolts, washers, flange nuts
and spacers provided to attach the flexplate to the flywheel. The spacers are placed between the flywheel
and the flexplate. Place a washer on the bolt and install the bolt through from the Drive Unit side with
the flange nut being on the engine side. Although the nuts are a locking style, it is recommended Loctite
material be used on each of the six (6) bolts. Only lightly snug the six (6) bolts at this time making
certain you do not bow the two plates together. The plates must not be forced together, pre-loaded or
bent in any way when tightening. If the plates are bent or pre-loaded this will cause your flexplate and/or
flywheel to crystalize and break around the holes.