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IM GETTING A NEW SILVER DOLLAR AIRBOAT SOON.its almost done now it is a 18 x 8 with the 500 hrse stroker motor.ill show you some pictures of what it will look like.this is someone elses boat but mine is exact design as this one.where is tha add attachment tab at???[/img]
Upload the pictures to your gallery here then I'll tell ya how to put them in a post.

Pictures & wallpapers

Upload pictures

Browse (your computer)

Follow instructions.

Upload (Save)

They are now in your gallery.

how do ya put them in a post?
once you upload in your gallery. goto the picture and click on to it to make big, then you right click the pic and click on to property and in the property copy the address of the pic location. then in a post click Img and past the address in then click the close tags. that it
I put that photo in your post for ya.

Click on your edit button for the post above, and you'll be able to see what the photo looks like for posting. It's just text.

The picture must be on the web, and the address for it is what you'll see bracketed by.

Get the address like hgm123 was saying.
Click the img button once, paste the address,click the img button once more.

It's easy. You can do it.

You got it now Stultz.
Told ya it was easy. 8)
Somebody had to tell me how to post pictures too.
Thanks Jim!

Now we just need to get 550 post'in pictures.