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Narrated Power Point on history of Big Cypress


WERP is no different and while I'm sure restoring the Everglades is a top priority, removing camp owners, airboaters, hunters etc. (i.e. traditional use) is high on their removal plans. It's why they were so shady with the initial dealings of the plan, not mentioning about how many camp/land owners they were going to remove. I firmly believe NPS, and ENP want 0 human interaction in the Big Cypress and Everglades. You would have a very tough time convincing me otherwise.


WERP is really all about storing water for the Miami, Ft Lauderdale WPB and Naples communities to keep up with their water needs as they grow.


Best part of the everglades was the tree islands
The native vegetation that used to exist on most of those tree islands has now been destroyed due to too deep of water held
In the glades for too long.

The root systems of the trees all got rotted out and blown down by tropical storms moving across the regions

Tom Shirley and others begged and pleaded for reasonable regulatory water levels to be established for the resources to allow tree islands to survive, but agencies all want or need to use the Everglades as a reservoir. Not a natural resource.

Every year the managing agencies literally drown the Everglades, and shut public access down so the damage to wildlife like deer suffering to survive and everything else can’t be easily documented

Let’s be real…
With all the People coming to Florida placing more and more demands for water to keep the fairways lush and green, let’s not pretend that we live in fantasy world where the managers responsible for setting the water levels in the Glades or BCNP are doing so with only the best interests of the resource or the public as their primary considerations

It is all water storage motivated and the Everglades is getting drowned out
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