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Navigating Political Waters


Published February 5, 2006

Gill net fishermen were pretty much voted out of business a decade ago.

Airboaters see themselves as part of that endangered culture, but vow not to suffer the same fate.....

..... Phil Walters, president of the Florida Airboat Association, is closely monitoring the debate.

Walters displays his Confederate flag sticker on his pickup; he hunts hog and gator and everything else that's legal. He uses the term redneck to describe folks like himself: rural, agrarian, live-off-the-land folks. But he's a different breed of airboater. He figures that for airboaters to hold on to their way of life, they need to get out of the water long enough to learn another sport: politics.....

Here's the rest: http://www.sptimes.com/2006/02/05/Columns/Navigating_political_.shtml
The article ran in the Pasco Edition of the St. Pete Times, with a distrabution of 60,000 and readership of 200,000+. It was front page covering about 2/3 of the page with 3 pictures. There will be additional stories in both St. Pete & Tampa Trib in the future.

I think when the average person reads the article they will gather an understanding of who we are & what we stand for and hopefully, form a sympathetic, warm & fuzzy opinion of us. With any luck, many of our elected officials will also read the story & note our ability to gather media.
It's why we need to work on positive PR for our sport.

Believe it or not, our future depends on how the public (17-20 million yankees in Florida) view us as a user group.