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Need Info on Gator Hunts


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Will someone please post the specifics on when and where the gator hunt info sessions will be when they are available? I'd like to try and attend a couple if possible and display some equipment. Thanx in advance, Cajun
I would like to know when they go on sale this year I am trying to plan my vacation this summer and don,t want to miss the day they go on sale . thanks in advance. Gary
last year that info came with my permit! so you may need to wait to get that info
Yea, thats the norm as far as the info. But if and when someone hears of it maybe they can post it. I am in touch with FWC quite a bit, but I might forget ( old age ) to find out and get my ducks in a row. I know for a fact if any of them fall on July 8th weekend , my butts gonna be in Santee Cooper S.C. catfishing for 4-5 days. Seeeeeeeee Ya'lllllllllllllllllllllll