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Need some advice on poly install


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So I have my new hull ready for poly. Steel flex is on and cured. Planning on bolting the leading edge and riveting the remainder. The hull is a Circle H 12 x 8. The flat measures 64" across where it is broke. 64" is front to rear. I'm planning on running the poly all the way to the rake. 57" back from the rake is where they pie cut it to narrow the nose. 5/16 thick. Poly is 80" wide so it can cover up the break on either side. Here's my question.
Would you
A: keep the poly in one piece and pie cut it in the front at the 57" mark and fold it up the sides from there back

B: rectangle cut 64" wide the length and use separate pieces for the breaks

C: just cover the 64" flat and not worry about the breaks.

I can get it to fold up the sides with a little persuasion but where the pie cut is and weld starts it won't lay correct and wants to be an azzhole! I mostly run the Peace River and not sure the breaks are warranted but hate not using as much of that expensive black chit as possible! Any and all advice/opinions are welcome.


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That’s a nice hull! Thinking of getting one myself. If it were my boat I would use option A and use all of the available poly you have in one piece. I run in the Louisiana swamps and we have a lot of stumps, logs, etc so I have bottom completely covered up to the rake. My boat doesn’t have poly on sides but I feel like it is added protection in rough running areas like here in Louisiana.
If you start attaching the poly down the center line of the bottom and work out towards edges you should be able to be able to get it to lay right at the edges and at the pie pieces, then just trim the excess off at the 57” mark in the front. You may have to make a cut at the pie piece if it is trying to buckle there.
.125 bottom 5086. .100 sides 5052 325 lbs. so I was told. Thanks for the advice! I'm trying to take the measure twice cut once approach!