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Need some aircraft motor help


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Hey guy's I'm building an 0540 for a friend of mine I went to degree his cam and nowhere can I find what centerline his cam is suppose to be at. I have talked to three aircraft engine builders and nobody can give me duration@ .050 or the lobe centerline specs. They all pretty much said we advance them 2 to 4 degrees but nobody knows what stock is. I want to properly degree and phase this camshaft not just advance it and hope it's right. Does anybody know the lobe centerline of a fuel injected angle valve 0540 cam and does anybody know the stock cam specs. I guess I have to call Crane cam's because I know they supply Lycoming with their cams.
When you find some specs, could you please post them on here?

I have been looking for some AC cam specs for a while to no avail
I would try calling D&S cams in Edgewater. Aircraft cams is all they do. Their # is 1-800-936-8665. They are really great guys and are really helpful.