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Need some help with fish gigs metal


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Gonna start building some fish gigs again later when the gator equipment slows down. I need some 1/4" steel plating such as AR wear plate or similar to that. Some companys use this type steel plating in rock chutes and such around cement plants and rock mines. If anyone can get some thats been tore out for repairs I would be interested in buying some. The steel has to be a tempered type and or springsteel type plating. I have all the equipment just need the plating to cut them out of. Thanx in advance. Later, Cajun
If you can't find it salvage, I'll bet you can find it here:


Specialty Metals

(407) 299-6853
(407) 290-0817

hope this helps. It's a great store, I used to buy LOTS of stainless from them for my old job.

Good luck on the salvage, better price no doubt!

Tractor trailer leaf springs maybe? I used to make knives out of leaf springs, railroad spikes, truck frames, stay cable and files. Leaf springs have a noble quality that produces very strong implements.

Yep them springs make great fish gigs, use to be an ole guy that made Baker gigs out of leaf springs, he would heat them and split them with a chisel and then heat and hammer it into shape. But then it had to be retempered. I have the equipment to cut them out of plate without getting them to hot and losing their temper. Then I just have to clean and shape them up. But them springs are about the best stuff I can ever remember. I'm gettin old and lazy and plus I would have to buy me a few blacksmith tools if I did it the old fashion way.Thanx for the input ya'll. Later
Cajun, At work we replace wear plates in our rock hoppers fairly often
always some scraps left over, mostly 1/4'' AR 400, some 1/2''.
I'm in palm bay, shoot me an e-mail @ (kev.mac@juno.com).
I'll start looking tomorrow. K-mac.