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Need to know how to get there

Check the map I posted in the maps thread. From SE Florida, just come up the turnpike (it goes within a mile or less of the chain of lakes) and get off at the Hwy 192 / kissimmee St. Cloud exit. head EAST from there, and just on the edge of St. Cloud, find a road that heads south. I forget the name of the road, but it transforms into Canoe Creek Road. The Lake Cypress fish camp is just off that road, and a little further south the Overstreet Landing Fish camp is just off that road.

Other options are to get on Hwy 60, come actoss the south end of the lake, and launch at Thomas Landing.

Camp Mack will be a bit of a chore for you to get to from that direction I think.

Check the maps, and also check the Airboat Directory http://www.airboatdirectory.com/cgi-bin ... n.cgi?id=1 to see the websites and phone numbers and addresses of these places.

I wish I had more time to find that info for ya... maybe in a little while later this afternoon.

Git yer directions here!

Grab map info HERE
Or view the big map HERE

Use these addresses at your favorite internet mapping service such as http://www.mapquest.com/ or http://maps.google.com etc.

Punch in your address, their address - get directions and join us!

Or call the marina and get your own directions or check on services.

Camp Mack
14900 Camp Mack Road
Lake Wales, FL 33898

Middletons Too (Overstreet Landing)
4500 Joe Overstreet Rd.
Kenansville, FL 34739

Thomas Landing
3952 Sam Keen Rd.
Lake Wales, FL 33898

Lake Cypress Fishing Resort and RV Park
3301 Lake Cypress Rd.
Kenansville, FL 34739

Port Hatchineha Marina
21020 Hatchineha Rd.
Haines City, FL 33844

Got Milk?
See you at the bus.


Thanks Cowboy! I hate to be a "taker" and since I know so little about airboats, and I do take a lot of info from here... these maps (and other stuff) is the least I can give back to the site.

By the way, Rick, Some of the info above is NOT in Airboat directory .com - you may want to include Cypress camp & Port hatchineha even though they don't have websites (that I can find). At least there are phone numbers and street addresses there. That's probably enough for a listing!

And hey - I don't do it all alone! This here site thing is a GROUP effort!!! :) So everyone....

Good job!

Great stuff, Moodfood. If you ever get a BadAzz airboat, you'll be impossible to top.

See Ya At The Bus

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