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You guys gonna go sign up to get the new Airboat Magazine? Just signed up for a years worth of advertising. I hope you guys are getting on board too.

If you go their website you can sign up to get the magazine for $20.

Anyone else gonna join?

What about us putting an ad for SouthernAirboats.com in there to draw in new members?

Did it done it :wink:

Me em' at the Osceola County fiasco, I mean meeting. Real nice folks and look forward to the magazine!

Fair enough, I gotta say I was a little leary myself sending out a check after all the drama with the last magazine people. However, I paid to advertise and I even paid for an extra subscription. I am just keeping my fingers crossed. I think it will be nice though.
I just have to add my 2 cents cuz my husband says I am as hard headed as a pit bull. Can't imagine.....

Jeff and Laurie Hauke are good people. I don't know all the otheres they have coerced into this venture, but they were right there beside us at the Osceola County Commissioners meeting. I also had the pleasure of spending a little time with them at the Broward show and they continued to voice their support and plans to provide our community with a "stand-up" magazine. They are very approachable people and appreciate an education when appropriate.

Yep-subscribed already. Met Laurie at the Broward show also, seems like they will get it going on...............the website sure lists good info so far. They seem to be on top of things with current events, which is great! Their website already has good events listed, and she emails the clubs requesting pics and flyer info. Maybe they'll be at Loughman tomorrow, I think I'll email her just in case!
I cant wait to see the new magazine. I hope it will be even better than before. I'm sure after they get it rolling it will pick right back up again.
Faron, I will sign up after the magazine has been in business for year.

The last magazine left a bad taste in my mouth.

I paid for four years worth and got 6 magazine.

No offense to anyone but I will a wait this one out.

If they want to send me a sample issue, here is my address.

Tim Bryson
2063 M Big Island Rd
Fremont, NE 68025
Tim, completely understood. Tons of people where burned but this is a completely different magazine, completely new people. a subscription is only $20 bucks so it's not like a huge commitment. I am just hoping enough people support it so it will get going strong, and be even better than the magazine we had before. I want them to stay in business so I hope they dont go mailing out free ones! LOL :lol:

I hope that it will get busy enough that it becomes a monthly magazine. I think it is good for our industry, our sport, and our way of life!

Tim, I'll mail you my copy after I'm finished reading it so you can check it out! :wink:
I'm a little Leary about buying any magazines since Airboat world. Not one issue was ever sent; I was ripped off and last time I checked that was illegal!

I certainly hope that the people behind this new venture are more professional and have more character than the other ones. I also wish them the best of luck and after they prove themselves I may decide to subscribe. Glenn
I'm going to give it a go, especially since they asked for local information in Northern New York, which BTW if ~8 hours N. of the "Schity" 8)
Faron, sounds good. I look forward to seeing a copy of the magazine.

So are you one of the investors in this magazine?

Tim Bryson
Yea I was ripped off by the last one too.
But what the heck, you could spend $20 at Mickey Dees in one sitting. I'm in. Later, Cajun
No Tim, I am just happy to see someone doing it. Thats why I have been trying to help them get the word out. I am an advertiser and a subscriber though. I hope to write a few articles in the future and supply some pictures of Airboating adventures.