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New boat-thoughts?


I purchased my first airboat. It is a 14 foot Laser with a 0-435-A Lycoming. I know this engine is old. However, it was rebuilt several years ago and only has about a dozen hours on it. It runs very well and doesn’t burn much oil. I’m hoping it will last me a little while. I’m taking my boat out on a few journeys and all seems to be working OK. I don’t know what kind of all the guy was burning. I’m getting ready to replace it with Arrow shell 100+. I am also going to aviation fuel.

I’m wondering about the motor. I haven’t been able to find a lot of information and there don’t seem to be many parts available. I’m hoping for the best and realize that I will be faced with some sort of upgrade in the future. What does everybody think? Any special things I need to consider?

Thanks. By the way, I am learning a lot from this forum.


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I think you are on the right track
Keep good oil and fuel in it and enjoy it

If it only has a few hours on it it may have mineral break in oil in it

It might be a good idea to run mineral oil
For one more service interval to promote good top end seating in if is indeed a fresh re-build

Make sure you got a solid prop on it, not some old rotten POS that may let go and hurt you or the boat or someone else

Dont take no chances there

Slide safe
Good engines. A little under powered. Hard to find parts for. Rings are expensive. Use it and enjoy it while it is performing good. Consider upgrading to a more common engine later: (Lycoming 540 or continental 520). Some people bore the cases to accept 480 cylinders and this makes a great engine but I have noticed the 480 cylinders are getting scarce as well. Just my opinion.