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Have you seen this new improved Delo? It says low emision on the box. Does it still have what we need to keep are Camshafts safe?
Its been in the 15/40 diesel oil for awhile now.I just sent a sample with 5000 miles on it to be analyzed and numbers were the same as the old blend.
So what do we do when they stop using Zinc? I found out I can stilll get old Delo in a drum so I am going to buy a drum on Monday.
Now there's an answer. Crow, what do they want for a drum ? Between my truck and my boat I'd be good to go for a long time.
UPDATE on engine oils. This is what we have come up with so far.... According to Valvoline, they make a racing oil called VR-1 and it has all the goodies needed to support flat tappet cam life. NAPA sells it on the shelf. They also make an "off-road " only racing oil that has friction reducers BUT has to be changed every 500 miles. The VR will go the normal 3000. BTW, the tech at Valvoline also told me that even though the low emissions Delo had reduced amounts, it still had enough to "get by" . I'll not take the chance myself. Looks like it'll be VR-1 for us. It's a 20w50 also. I still will continue to use Redline synthetic on my roller cammed engines. To me, this is great news knowing we don't have to mail order oil supplements and can get it anywhere.
I recently read two different oil comparisons and both said that as far as conventional oil Shell Rotella is the best on the market at this time.It's supposed to have more zinc and lubricity additives than any oil on the market.
I've always used Valvoline,but both lab results rated it near the bottom of the pack.
Delo 400 was 2nd best.
rotella will foam to much,i got stuck on the road twice in my excusion because i was low on oil and the rotella foamed up so bad it would not give good enough pressure on the sensors to pop my injectors. swithched to dello and have never had that problem since.i also run dello in my caddy or did i should say now.
Either Jerry Haas or Jerry Bickel (pro stock car builder who also has a huge diesel shop, can't remember which one) did an in-depth independant study between Rotella and Delo on every type of engine he does. The Rotella breaks down and "fogs" under temp and the delo doesn't. I too experienced problems with Rotella foggoing inside the engine and getting past the baffles and up the valve cover breather tubes and getting all over the headers. Delo didn't at all. Tested both on several engines (same engines) and wouldn't use anything else.... til they took most of the zinc out of it. Only reason I am going with Valvoline is that you can get it anywhere. Our customers have to be able to service their own engines and get it easily. Mail order for motor oil would suck bigtime. We have used Valvoline before with no bad results, matter of fact, Pennsoil and Quaker State as well. All the myths about sludge are strictly from lack of service from what I have seen first hand.