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New FAA website


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Hey ya'll,

Here's the link to the new FAA website. Up and running with some dedicated help from the all volunteer staff the makes the FAA run. Good job to those in support here!

Rick, Should/could/can this link be posted in the airboat clubs section?


I apologize for the temporary poor performance of the new FAA website. I didn't realize it till you posted the link basketcase, but the server change had things screwed up on the FAA site.

It should be good to go now.

I will come up with some type of linking strategy also.

Rick, that new site looks REAL good ..... the photos you added to it really give it some class. A lot of good things can happen over there now.

Thanks for your help.
I'll add to website as well with other club website links that we have posted there.

Thanks for the web site link for the magazine - appreciate that. I added your raffle to the home page with other raffles. Sorry I didn't catch that one earlier I would have posted it up earlier.

Nice looking site.
Yes myself and Rick have worked real hard to get this website up and going. I spent about 3 hours this morning just adding to the calendar.
I like that calendar Dakota. I went and got the same thing (mambo) for the KRVSA website.... progressing nicely too. http://www.krvsa.com

Laura set up her email in it last night. Very cool feature.

I want to get together with you Dakota - real soon - trade ideas and I have a few questions for ya.
You are doing a great job on that site! I'm just starting to understand that Mambo setup. Man, it's like learning a dang foreign language!!! Some of the logic they use to name things still escapes me! But it's slowly sticking to my brain!!!!! Seems like you gotta do "step 2" before you can do "step 1" sometimes!!!!

Thanks for your help so far! And lookin' good on that site!

Yeah, the sad thing is I have to ask for help from Rick sometimes and he is learning this program as well, so we both are learning together.

Call me anytime. I have the summer off over here so if you need to get away from Orlando for the day you are more than welcome to come here.