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New Hull Composite

Rich Andrews

Well-known member
I've been working with a new composite for another production application but I see a great potential for an airboat hull. Not only is it extremely light and everything else you would expect from a composite, but it is flexible unlike any other material. So if any hull guys want to engage in some R&D hit me up... stuff is unreal and I will not reveal the source because whomever works with it needs to be able to keep it confidential as it is a leg up on the Industry.

I can tell you this, some Sport fish boats are using it now as well as some shallow water boats....
This sounds very interesting I will run it by a local builder next time I cross paths.

Rich how does the materials cost compare to traditional glass? Is it a cloth type fabric or a poly board type of component. It would be awesome to find a new cloth or fabric.
Sounds very interesting. I know some builders have been using a Kevlar fabric but hear tale it is prone to cracking.

I believe it was Hydra-Sport that was the first big corporate builder to use Kevlar in some capacity in the early 1980s.

It is time for a new material to enter the market sounds exciting !
The new lighter materials have great strength and it is amazing the pounding they can take. The down size is because they are so thin they lack the thickness for fastners to hold. Screws tend to waller out, especially self tapping.
There is a solution to all this...it's called 7075 T6 :lol:
Just messing with you Rich, if I remember correctly you used to be a Thurman guy, so I figured you'd laugh at that. This does sound interesting though.